Daily Joke: A priest and a nun spend the night in a hotel

Source: Getty Images.

A priest and a nun are driving back from a religious festival at night when their car breaks down on a dark road.

With no garage in sight and the lights of a small hotel in the near distance, they decide to stay in the hotel and look for a mechanic to fix their car in the morning. But when they get to reception, they find the hotel only has one double room available.

“Don’t worry,” the priest says to the nun. “You can take the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa, just in this unusual circumstance that we have to spend the night together.”

“You’re right,” the nun replies. “The Lord wouldn’t object to us spending the night in the same room just this once.” So the pair prepare for bed, say their prayers and settle down to sleep, but the nun keeps tossing and turning.

Finally, she says, “Father, I’m very cold”.

“Let me get you a blanket from the cupboard,” the priest says kindly in reply, gets up to find a cover in the cupboard and places the cover on her bed.

Some minutes pass, then the nun says, “Father, I’m still very, very cold”.

“I’ll get you another blanket,” the priest says patiently, getting up from his own warm spot on the sofa, grabbing a quilt from the cupboard and placing it over the nun.

More time passes, however, and the nun still isn’t asleep. Finally, she whispers, “Father, I don’t think the Lord would object, since it’s so very chilly, if we spent the night keeping each other warm as if we were husband and wife …”

“You’re right,” the priest replies. “You can get your own blankets.”

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