Daily Joke: Three men go to heaven on Christmas Eve

Source: Getty Images.

Three men die on Christmas Eve and go to heaven. Before they’re allowed to enter the gates, they’re greeted by Saint Peter. He tells them there are rules before he allows them into heaven.

“In order to get in to heaven you must each produce something that represents Christmas and the holiday season.”

The first man digs deep into his pockets and pulls out a match. He lights it.

“This is to represent a candle of hope,” he says.

Impressed, Peter lets him in.

The second man pulls out a set of keys and shakes them in Peter’s face.

“This represents the sound of Christmas bells,” he says.

Peter also allows him to enter.

When it’s the third man’s turn, he pulls out a pair of red panties.

“And what exactly do they have to do with Christmas?” Peter asks.

“Oh,” the man replies. “They’re Carol’s.”

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