Daily Joke: The old shoe maker

The old man had been running the business for more than 30 years. Source: Getty Images

Artie is going through his recently deceased father’s stuff. He finds a 20-year-old shoe repair claim ticket from the local shoe repair.

Knowing that the old man had been running his shop for more than 30 years, Artie decides on a whim to see if he can claim his father’s shoes.

Artie shows the old man the ticket and the old man says, “I always have had the policy to not throw away unclaimed shoes as long as I had the space. I should be able to find these.”

Artie was both amazed and thrilled as the old man searched for the shoes.

Ten minutes later, he appeared with just the claim ticket in his hand and asked, “Brown loafers with a broken heel?”

Artie, slightly puzzled, said, “I guess?”

The old man said, “They’ll be ready next Tuesday.”

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