Daily Joke: Cat jokes that are absolutely purr-fect

Apr 30, 2023
'Go on, amuse me'. Source: Getty Images

What did the grandma cat say to her grandson when she saw him slouching?

You need to pay more attention to your pawsture.

Ohh dear! Source: Getty Images

Why do cats always get their way?

Because they are very purr-suasive.

cat jokes
‘If I lie here will you think I’m cute?’ Source: Getty Images

How do cats stop crimes?

They call claw enforcement.

cat jokes
‘Ugh… Is that the best you’ve got?’ Source: Getty Images

Why can’t cats play poker in Africa?

There are too many cheetahs!

cat jokes
‘Hey! Don’t bring me into this…’ Source: Getty Images

What is a cat’s favourite song?

Three Blind Mice.

cat jokes
‘Mice? Did somebody say mice?’ Source: Getty Images

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