Daily Joke: Baby mosquito’s first day flying

Nov 26, 2021
It was the baby mosquito's first day of flying alone. Source: Getty Images

Right after take off, a pilot comes on the microphone to welcome his passengers. “Thank you for flying with us. The weather is …” Then he suddenly starts screaming while still on the mic, “Oh my gosh, it’s burning! It’s burning!”

Then there was silence.

A few seconds later, the pilot comes back on and says, “I’m terribly sorry about that. I spilled some scorching hot coffee on my lap … You should see my pants!”

A voice from the back of the plane yells, “Why don’t you come here and see ours?”


A man walked into a hardware store and picked up a can of fly spray.

“Is this good for wasps?” he asks the assistant.

To which she replies, “No, it kills them.”


It was a baby mosquito’s first day to fly out from home.

When the mosquito came back home later that day, the father mosquito asked, “How was your journey?”

The baby mosquito replied, “It went great, everyone was clapping for me!”

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