Daily Joke: A man visits his doctor about a windy issue

Apr 21, 2021
A man goes to see his doctor about a windy issue. Source: Getty Images

A man goes to visit his doctor. “What seems to be the problem today?” the doctor asks.

“Doc, I’ve got the farts. I mean, I fart all the time.”

The doctor nods.

“My farts don’t smell, and you can’t hear them. The issue is that I just can’t seem to rid myself of the urge to pass wind,” the man says. “I mean, I’ve been here for 10 minutes and I’ve farted five times.”

The doctor picks up his pen. “Hmm,” he says, taking notes and writing out what the patient seems to think is a prescription. The man is thrilled that the doctor is taking his complaint seriously.

“Thank you, Doc! This prescription you’ve given me, will it really clear up my farts?”

“No,” sighs the doctor. “The prescription will clear your sinuses. It smells like a fermenting diaper in here. And next week I want to see you for a hearing test.”

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