Daily Joke: A driver is pulled over by the police

Source: Getty Images.

A man is driving down a road, swerving every now and then, so he’s pulled over by an officer who believed him to be drunk. The officer takes out a breathalyser and asks the driver to breathe into it. The driver says he cannot, the officer asks why, and the driver tells him he has asthma.

The officer then walks back to his car and takes out a tube, he returns to the driver and asks him for a urine test. The driver then tells him he cannot because he has diabetes, and must monitor his urination, the officer understands and walks back to his car

The officer then returns with a syringe and needle and asks the driver for a blood test. Once again the driver says he cannot, saying he has haemophilia.

The officer sighs and tells the driver that they’ll do a simple line test, and asks the driver to walk down in a straight line.

The driver says he cannot, and the officer asks: “What is it this time?”

The driver replies: “I’m drunk.”

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