Daily Joke: A detective story

Arriving at the scene he began his investigation. Source: Getty Images

11:45: Arrived at crime scene

11:45: Examined body. Noticed signs of struggle.

11:45: Located murder weapon in a nearby drain.

11:45: Realised watch was broken.


My wife says we should split up because I keep pretending I’m a detective.

I told her it was a good idea. We can cover more ground that way.


The members of the newly-formed Justice League were introducing themselves to each other.

S: “I’m Superman; I can fly, move at super speed, and have super strength.”

B: “I’m Batman; I’m the world’s greatest detective, master of many martial arts, and have gadgets that can do almost anything.”

GL: “I’m Green Lantern; my emerald bling can create constructs of anything I can imagine.”

WW: “I’m Wonder Woman; I have super strength, can move at super speed, and have a lasso that compels people to tell the truth.”

F: “I’m the Flash; I can move at super speed, phase through solid objects, and even travel through time.”

A: “I’m Aquaman; I’m super strong and can communicate with aquatic creatures.”

GA: “I’m Green Arrow; I tell cars when to turn left.”

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