Daily Joke: A day in the life of a pelican

These jokes about pelicans are almost as big as their bills. Source: Getty Images

I just had lunch at the Pelican Cafe…

The food was good but the bill was enormous!


What’s a pelican’s favourite sport?

Fly fishing!


A pelican family paid for their meal at a restaurant using $100 notes.

“Don’t you have any smaller bills?” asked the waiter.

In a dignified tone, the Pa Pelican responded, “Sir, we are as God made us!”


Jesus and Moses are about to tee off at the 18th hole. They are about 500 metres away from a par 5, and Moses is the first to hit. He gets up and smacks one pin high, 60 centimetres away from the hole just from his drive.

He looks at Jesus and says “I’d like to see you beat that one Messiah.”

So, Jesus gets up, hits one 30-odd metres to the complete left directly into a lake. A fish comes by and eats the ball whole. Then, out of nowhere a pelican drops down and scoops up the fish for lunch. As the pelican is flying, he gets struck down by lightning and lands dead on the green spitting out the fish who spits out the ball, landing in the cup.

Moses takes one look at Jesus and says, “Are you going to keep mucking around or are we gonna play some golf?”

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