Daily Joke: A chimpanzee walks into a bar

Source: Getty Images.

A chimpanzee walks into a bar and orders a martini. This totally amazes the bartender, but he thinks, “What the heck, I guess I might as well make the drink.”

He mixes the martini. He then walks back over to the give it to the chimpanzee, and the animal is holding out $20.

Now the bartender is at a loss for words. He can’t believe that a chimpanzee walked into his bar, ordered a martini, and then actually had $20 to pay for it.

In amazement, he takes the $20 and walks to the cash register to make the change. While he’s standing in front of the cash register he stops for a second and thinks to himself, “Let me try something here and see if the chimpanzee notices anything.”

He walks back over to the chimpanzee and hands him a dollar change. The chimpanzee doesn’t say anything, he just sits, sipping the martini. After a few minutes the bartender just can’t take it anymore.

“You know,” he says to the chimpanzee, “we don’t get too many chimpanzees in here.”

And the chimpanzee says, “At $19 a drink I’m not surprised.”

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