Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A blonde took her car to the panel beater

The blonde's sister came out to see what was happening. Source: Getty.

A blonde was driving home when she got into a small car accident. She was fine but her car was covered in dents so the next day she took it to the panel beater.

The man working at the shop saw the car and decided to have some fun with her.

“You need to take it home and blow into the tail pipe really hard. All the dents should pop out,” he told her.

The woman followed his orders and headed straight home. When she arrived she got down on the ground and started blowing into the tail pipe like she was told. After doing it for a while she noticed nothing was happening. She tried again but still nothing. 

Her sister, who was also blonde, eventually came outside to see what she was doing. 

“The panel beater said if I blow hard enough through the tail pipe, all the dents will pop out. But I’ve been doing it for a while and nothing has happened,” she replied. 

The sister rolled her eyes, “You idiot! You have to wind up the windows first!”

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