It’s time to bid farewell to these once popular baby names as they face extinction

Some baby names are falling out of favour fast and they all have one thing in common. Source: Getty Images.

Experts have revealed which baby names are on their way out and Meg Ryan and Bob Dylan would probably have a lot to say about the fact that their famous first names are facing extinction.

Released by UK-based website, Nameberry, the list is based on what people called their children in 2021 and includes ‘endangered names’, ‘almost extinct names’, and ‘truly extinct names’.

According to Nameberry, the names that are falling out of favour have one thing in common: They are generally the diminutive monikers such as Meg, Bob, Deb, and Pat that are popular among today’s grandparents.

Ironically names like Patrick and Patricia are still being used but nobody is putting Pat on the birth certificates.

Nameberry said the following names are on the endangered list, having been given to only 20 to 50 babies in 2021.

Endangered girls names include Barbie, Becky, Brandy, Cathy, Cherry, Cheryl, Christa, Christy, Debbie, Gail, Ginny, Jeanne, Jill, Joanie, Jodi, Jody, Kay, Keisha, Kerry, Kim, Krista, Lizzy, Mandy, Marcie, Marcy, Marylou, Merle, Misty, Noreen, Patsy, Rickie, Shelly, Sheryl, Suzie, Suzy, Tammy, Tanya, Terri, Tracy, Trisha, Trudy and Vicky.

Vanishing boys names include Bill, Brad, Chip, Denny, Donny, Geoffrey, Greg, Hal, Jim, Jody, Laurie, Nicky, Rich, Rick, Ron, Rusty, Scotty, Ted, Tim, Vinny, and Walt.

Those names that are almost extinct, only given to 19 babies in 2021 include Christi, Deidre, Gayle, Jan, Jeanie, Judi, Kaye, Keri, Kerri, Kerry, Kisha, Kris, Krista, Kristie, Kristy, Marci, Margie, Meg, Mel, Missy, Mitzi, Myrna, Nicky, Patty, Peggy, Rhonda, Sherri, Sherry, Sue, Teri, Tisha, Tricia, Val and Vicki for girls.

While for boys Al, Bernie, Bert, Chuck, Curt, Dom, Ed, Ernie, Lorne, Mel, Mitch, Ned, Phil, Rob, Rod, Russ, Sal, Shaun, Shawn, Skip, Stan, Tad, Timmy, Vern, Vic, Wally and Woody are on the way out.

These truly extinct names were given to fewer than five children in 2021. They are the classic nicknames Pam, Bob and Deb.

Surprisingly, some of the very old-fashioned or unpopular names you would expect to see on the list were not there.

According to Nameberry, Gary, Karen, and Nigel are known to be extinct but Gary is still regularly given to babies in the US and UK.  In fact, they found Gary was still in the Top 1000 names.

Meanwhile in Australia, gender neutral names are surging in popularity with McCrindle Research indicating that names such as Jordan, Jesse, Casey, Jamie, and Taylor have made it to this year’s top 100 list, reflecting “a cultural shift in millennial parents, breaking down traditional gender norms often found in the naming process.”

In contrast, vintage names have also proved to be incredibly popular in 2023. According to a baby naming consultant and founder of Grow Little Wildflower, Michelle, “old vintage baby names” have become “new again”. These names include Elsie, Clara, Theodore and Olive.


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