How to keep your flowers looking bloomin’ beautiful for longer

There's nothing better than a beautiful bunch of flowers for your home and with these tips you can keep them fresher for much longer! Source: Getty Images.

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the magic of the moment lives on through the beautiful flowers you may have received from a loved one. As you revel in the joy of these cherished blooms brightening your home, the desire to make them last becomes paramount.

Beyond the initial excitement of giving or receiving flowers, ensuring their longevity becomes a heartfelt mission. Discover simple tips to keep the Valentine’s Day magic alive a little longer, preserving those precious petals sent by a special someone for an extended encore of beauty and love!

Enhance the longevity of your floral display with these expert tips:

Trim the stems. 

Elevate your floral care routine by cutting 2-4cm off the ends of the flower stems at a diagonal angle. This simple technique expands the base area for hydration, promoting a longer and healthier bouquet. Make it a habit to trim the stems each time you change the water to ensure sustained freshness.

Apple Cider Vinegar and the magic of sugar. 

Beyond its benefits for gut health, apple cider vinegar proves to be a floral ally. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar to the vase water, stirring the mixture. This concoction not only preserves the flowers but also provides essential nutrients. Refresh the water every few days, adding a new dose of vinegar and sugar for optimal results.

Chill in the fridge overnight.

Take a cue from florists and indulge in a nighttime ritual for your flowers. If space allows, place them in the fridge overnight for a refreshing preservation technique. While you slumber, your flowers undergo a cool and rejuvenating experience, ensuring you wake up to a beautifully preserved bunch in the morning.

Prune and perfect.

Elevate the aesthetics and health of your bouquet by removing leaves below the waterline. This prevents the growth of bacteria that can impede the flowers’ development. For varieties like roses, go the extra mile by gently removing the outer layer of petals, allowing the blossoms to unfurl to their fullest potential.

Shade and cool quarters.

Recognise the indoor nature of most flowers by keeping them away from direct sunlight and heat. Shield them from constant exposure to sunlight by placing them in a cool area. This simple measure ensures your flowers can blossom fully without the risk of wilting or fading, maintaining their vibrancy for an extended period.

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