How did baby boomers survive childhood?

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Looking at all the safety measures that are put in place to protect kids these days it really makes you wonder, how on earth did kids from the 50s, 60s and 70s survive?

Mums didn’t stop eating blue cheese or tinned tuna, drinking alcohol and even smoking when they were pregnant.

Babies slept in cots that were painted with bright lead-based colours.

Baby seats were metal frames that hooked over the front seat and cars didn’t have air bags or seat belts.

The doors, cabinets and medicine containers in homes didn’t have child locks.

Kids didn’t wear helmets when they rode bikes, racing down hills.

They drank straight from the garden hose.

Kids played in mud and occasionally ate worms.

Shared drink bottles and lipsticks with friends.

Were out all day and didn’t have a mobile phone that parents or friends could contact them on.

Kids fell out of trees, broke bones, chipped teeth and didn’t sue anyone for accidents.

All children had to try out for sports team, and not everyone got a medal.

Compared to the cotton wool wrapped kids of today we played rough and, if you ask younger generations, it is a wonder how we ever survived!

What is your favourite memory of childhood? What crazy antics did you get up to?


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