6 once-trendy decor items that are now making your home look dated

Mar 12, 2021
Home decor trends are changing all the time, but these six may be dating your home. Source: Getty

Decorating your home isn’t a simple task, and it’s made even harder by constantly evolving trends. But thanks to chain stores such as Target, Kmart and Big W, it’s cheaper and easier than ever to ensure your home stays current through the changing seasons.

Some trends have lasted the test of time – such as Hamptons interiors, rattan furniture and natural textures – but, frustratingly, others can be dated within just weeks of purchase! Thankfully, Better Homes and Gardens has put together a helpful list of the once-trendy décor items that are well past their in-trend date.

1. Inspirational signs, quotes and words
Daily affirmations and inspirational quotes are a great way to get you going in the morning, inspiring you and setting you up for a positive day ahead. But placing them on your wall or cushions? Let’s not. The once-popular “live, love, laugh” signs should now be “gotten, rid, of”. It’s time to rethink the quotes, and opt for unique art prints or photography pieces instead.

2. All-white everything
Honestly, this one is kind of a blessing. Who could keep those all-white interiors clean anyway? White interiors were difficult to master and best left to the professionals, and now it’s time to look at integrating rich colours, textures and different materials into you home. Bold feature walls, or dominant shades, are the way to go. 

3. Pink flamingos
It’s time to let the leggy pink birds leave the nest. Popular in 2016, the decor trend started fading in 2017 and has now officially passed. Those pink flamingo cushions, lamps and decorative items are out of fashion. The inflatable flamingo pool toy is about the only one that can remain (for now).

4. Collections of ceramic/crystal animals
Kitschy and cute? No. A little naff? Definitely. They may be family heirlooms, though, so if you must keep them, pop them away in the cupboard for safe keeping. Who knows, maybe the trend will come back around one day?

Instead, try displaying collections of trinkets from your travels or family holidays and working them into your interiors. A balance of old and new is the key to any good interior, plus a great conversation starter when you have guests around. 

5. Seashells
While the ‘Hamptons’ vibe is still in, seashells, décor items made from seashells, artfully placed driftwood and coral have had their time in the sun. It’s time to return them to the ocean and opt instead for green house plants, flowers, books or candles.

6. Faux fur
The Scandinavians really know what they’re doing in terms of interior design – and the faux-fur trend piggy-backed in with the Scandinavian interiors trend at the peak of its popularity. But now, it’s out, and in its place are more natural materials. Think quilted fabrics or natural materials, such as linen or leather and – for your floor – jute, sisal or plush rugs are always a style statement.

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