Here’s how you can get free mince for life with this Aussie subscription service

Oct 25, 2023
This Aussie meat subscription service is promising free mince for life. Image source: Supplied

Nothing beats the taste of fresh, premium-quality meat straight from the farm. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have direct access to these supply chains, so we often trade quality for convenience.  But what if there was a way to get farm-fresh, ethically sourced meat and seafood delivered straight to your door? And at a competitive price to your local supermarket?

Introducing Butcher Crowd, a build-your-own meat subscription service that lets you elevate your weeknight dinners by enjoying wild-caught fish and pasture-raised poultry on demand.

What’s even better is that by signing up to Butcher Crowd’s mailing list, you’ll receive two 500g packs of premium mince for free with your first order. You’ll also receive 500g of mince for free with every subsequent box you order. There are no box limits, so you can order as many boxes as you need each week or month and always look forward to your bonus pack of mince — in case you need to whip up a speedy spag bol for the grandkids.

Keep in mind that this offer is only available to new customers and applies for as long as you stay subscribed. Once you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose your bonus 500g of mince for good. 

What is Butcher Crowd?

The business arose during the pandemic when supply chains were affected. Source: Supplied

Butcher Crowd is an Australian-owned meat and seafood delivery service based in the Atherton Tablelands. Driven by a desire to make high-quality meat accessible and sustainable, the business is run by brothers, Damien and Rob Moffat. 

The build-your-own meat box subscription began during the pandemic after the brothers noticed their local community was struggling to obtain any fresh beef, poultry and fish as supply chains collapsed.

Making use of the fresh meat available from their family’s farm, the Moffats were able to distribute enough to keep everyone well-fed and, most surprisingly, at a rate that rivalled supermarket shelf pricing

Every box is full of restaurant-quality goods, including grass-fed beef and lamb, chicken and pork that’s both pasture-raised and true free-range, as well as wild-caught seafood. By maintaining ethical practices, Butcher Crowd ensures that all of its meat is free from nasties and sourced from responsible partners that never cut corners.

How does the meat subscription service work?

Score free premium mince by signing up. Source: Supplied

Once you’ve signed up for Butcher Crowd’s e-newsletter (and locked in your fresh mince), you’ll have the option to choose between a curated or custom box subscription

Either choice allows you to pick between a small or large box, which can feed between two to three or five to six people, respectively. 

If you opt for the curated box, you can let the Butcher Crowd team decide which cuts of meat show up on your doorstep with each order. Meanwhile, the custom box will let you choose from up to 40+ different cuts, so you can always plan ahead to suit your lifestyle or preferences.

From wild sockeye salmon from Canada to scotch fillet and your classic chicken breast, there’s plenty of variety so you can explore a range of new dishes and sate your cravings.

Prices start at $139 for a curated box and $159 for a custom box. Shipping is also free with every order.

Ultimately, Butcher Crowd works out cheaper than your average food subscription. Most boxes cost around $35 each week, or $4.89 per meal, which is comparable to the prices you’ll see at your local supermarket. There are no lock-in contracts, so you’re welcome to pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

To sign up for Butcher Crowd’s meat delivery service, visit the website here and enter your email address to receive your free mince with every box. 

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