Grandma’s heartwarming efforts to connect with grandkids inspires outpouring of support

Mar 18, 2024
People came forward with tips and suggestions to help her keep up with her beloved grandkids. Source: Getty Images.

As much as grandkids bring joy and laughter into the lives of their grandparents, keeping up with their boundless energy can be quite the challenge.

One worn-out granny, who found herself struggling to keep up with her energetic grandkids, embarked on a quest for advice to help her stay active and engaged.

Wondering if others have experienced the same thing and desperate for answers, the grandmother took to the online forum Gransnet to seek guidance and advice.

“I am wondering how other Grandparents cope with looking after the Grandchildren. I look after a 2 year old GS 2 days a week from 7 til 6 on average and drop off and pick up my 8 year old GD for school then care. I am finding this really exhausting even though I am only 57,” she began.

“I have got to the stage that after a full day with them I need the next day recovering and do little else, I am lucky that I was able to take early retirement. I love them dearly and put a lot of effort into making their days worthwhile.

What followed was an inspiring outpouring of support from the community, as people came forward with tips and suggestions to help her keep up with her beloved grandkids.

Among the first to respond was one grandmother who sympathised with the particularly exhausting nature that can come with being a grandparent.

“I do not think its an age thing. There is something particularly exhausting about caring for grandchildren I think the extra anxiety of getting it wrong and having to explain to the parents,” she wrote.

“It need only be a misunderstanding about what to feed them or what to let them watch….but it does seem to many to make the whole thing a lot more stressful.”

Another commenter took the opportunity to vent and express her own exhausting experience looking after her grandkids.

“What happened to the afternoon naps that kids used to take? They are full on now non stop all day……… them but it is shattering at times and I don’t do it very often,” they said.

Another reassured the grandmother that as enjoyable as it is to look after the grandkids it is “very tiring”.

“Yes, I get tired and I only do one full day, which is usually a long one. All the grandparents I know love being in a position to help out their adult children and love being with their grandchildren. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find it very tiring,” they wrote.

“I wonder if we are inclined to do too much entertaining of our grandchildren, as well as that feeling that you can’t take your eyes off them in case they do damage to themselves. With our own children we were probably much more relaxed ! I hope you’re managing to get some time for yourself.”

After caring for one grandchild a fellow exhausted grandparent decided enough was enough and decided to take on babysitting duties when it suited them best.

“I looked after my GS two days a week for two years and found it exhausting …when my daughter had her 2nd child I decided not to do the same….I now have the grandchildren when it’s suits me, and I see a lot of them…I take them both out .and I enjoy it on my terms,” they explained.

One commenter was simply blown away by how so many grandparents manage to muster the energy to keep up with their grandchildren.

“I don’t know how you all do it I know it would exhaust me I take my hat off to you all,” they exclaimed.

In the end, the tired grandmother’s struggle to keep up with her grandkids was met with an outpouring of helpful advice from fellow grandparents who have been in her shoes. Their tips and suggestions serve as a reminder that the challenges of grandparenting are universal, but also that the wisdom of experience can offer invaluable solutions.

With their support, the tired grandmother can find new ways to stay active and engaged with her grandkids, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Grandparenting may be tiring, but it is also one of life’s greatest joys, made even sweeter by the love and support of a caring community.

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