‘Tired’ gran admits she no longer wants her grandkids, 11 and 14, to visit

A gran has claimed she is "bored" of having her grandkids stay over. Source: Getty

While many grandparents love being involved in their grandkids’ lives and eagerly await the next moment they get to spend together, one tired gran has now divided opinion by openly admitted she feels tired and “bored” of having them to stay.

In an incredibly honest post on grandparenting forum Gransnet, the woman claimed she no longer enjoys the “adventures” with her grandchildren and is not looking forward to having them to stay over the summer break.

After years of splurging on holidays for the kids, the gran said she’s feeling stressed about emptying her purse once again – adding that she “has never been overly fond of children”.

“My daughter has two children, 14 and 11,” the woman explained. “My granddaughter is 14 and grandson 11. Every summer since they have been born I have paid for them and their mother and myself to go on vacation to various places.

“In addition my granddaughter has spent one week at my house since she was nine months old and now the grandson wants to spend a week. But this year, I am tired. I do not want to have to move my furniture around and then put it back when they come. I don’t want to spend all the money I spend when they visit, and frankly, I no longer enjoy all our ‘adventures’.”

The gran went on to explain that, while she’s struggling financially, she would gladly take them to places with their mother and pay for it – but doesn’t want the grandkids at her own home. The woman also claimed she needs an “escape” and believes she should be able to say no to having them over.

“Yes they have a lovely time but after so many years I am not having a lovely time. It is stressful and to be honest boring,” the gran added. “I really think that after all these years I should be able to say no to week long summer visits where I cannot escape.”

The post received varied replies with some left shocked by the grandma’s admission, while others were understanding, claiming they too do not have the energy to spend time with the grandkids.

“Personally I’d walk to the ends of the earth to be with my grandkids so I can’t fit into the category you’re looking for but as you say at least you are being honest,” one person replied, adding: “I wonder why you haven’t been honest for the last 14 years.”

Another suggested toning down on the “adventures” and having a more relaxed break with the grandkids, writing: “Couldn’t they come to stay for a few days without the adventures? Perhaps just burger and fries meal at the local shopping mall? Or lunch in a pub garden?”

While another said: “Of course if you don’t feel you can… then you can’t. As you have always had your granddaughter then I would want to try a compromise, shorter, cheaper break with my grandson.”

Can you relate to this grandma? Do you enjoy having your grandkids over or do you find it too tiring?

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