Grandma sparks drama after giving grandson surprise haircut against mum’s wishes

May 17, 2024
The online community wasted no time in swiftly condemning the grandmother's actions after being left outraged by the move. Source: Getty Images.

A grandmother has come under fire after being accused of crossing the line with her grandson after allegedly cutting his hair without his mother’s permission.

Furious with her mother-in-law’s alleged actions, the mother of the 2-year-old took to the online forum Reddit to vent her anger and get advice on how she should proceed with the matter.

“I had asked my mom if she could take care of my son (2yrs old) while my husband and I went to the movie theaters she agreed so when I dropped him off she told me that my son’s hair was too long and jokingly said she was going to take him to get a haircut ( Note: she has said that in the past but never actually did it),” she wrote.

“I said that he doesn’t like getting haircuts plus I was letting his hair grow out so I can style it a bit better. We left and enjoyed our movie…when I went to pick him up to my surprise I found him with his head shaved off … literally you can see his scalp and his little bald spot which I would just comb over and hide it when he had hair but now it’s just out there and very visible.

“All I told her was ‘mom you really cut his hair!?!’ And she replied with ‘well I did tell you didn’t I? Plus you never said no’ it’s been a week since we last spoke because I told her that she overstepped my authority as a parent with my child she replied with ‘you’re so ungrateful I was doing you a favor by cutting his long hair’ I know it’s just hair it will grow back but I was really hurt.”

Source: Getty Images.

Fellow Reddit users wasted no time in rallying behind the mother, swiftly condemning the grandmother’s actions after being equally outraged by the move.

One user agreed that she had well and truly stepped over the line.

“As a grandmother, I think that is totally overstepping. They aren’t our children and we should always ask parents, not tell parents,” they said.

Another had a novel approach to solving the matter.

“She wants to see him again? Shave her head,” they suggested.

One grandmother offered her advice on the matter, agreeing with the outraged mother.

“As a grandma myself, I wholeheartedly agree with you. We raise our children so that they will be equipped to raise their own. It’s part of the circle of life,” they explained.

Another user was quick to remind the grandmother that “being part of your grandkids lives is a privilege, not a right.”

While another responded with an approach that was straight to the point, arguing that the grandmother’s access to her grandson should be limited.

“That would be the last time she ever has unsupervised visits,” they wrote.

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