Going against the grain: One man’s unusual sandwich cutting technique sends the internet into a spin

An unusual cutting technique which has divided sandwich lovers the world over. Source: Getty Images

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the way a sandwich is cut. And depending on how your Mum did it for you, most of us prefer our sandwiches in halves or quarters either diagonally or square through the middle.

But no longer it seems with the rise of the “Duff Cut”, a unique sandwich cutting technique which has divided sandwich lovers the world over.

Pennsylvania-based engineer Ryan Duff, or the “Sandwich Influencer” as he is known in digital circles has departed from sandwich convention and shared a photo of his uniquely cut ham and cheese toastie on his X, formerly Twitter, page.

His rationale behind this radical sandwich cutting madness is because “it makes the bites and crust more proportionate”.

Internet users were divided on whether this was a superior way to slice up your sanga with some giving it a try while others resisting the change.

“I cut my sandwich like this today and I’ll be honest you really did something here.”

“What is with you! Why do you have to do everything the wrong way!”

“It’s a beauty but needs more cheese!”

“I hate it and I also love it. What have you done!?”

What, why, who cuts bread like this…. Aaaah, this is disturbing on all levels.”

Duff’s tri-cut cheese and ham toastie went viral and has prompted a cyber sandwich cutting revolution with some chef’s and sandwich enthusiasts  also trying out the new cut.

American chef and TV personality Andrew Gruel tried his hand at serving up the revolutionary sandwich.

He quickly reported that a guest refused to pay for his unusually carved up toastie because of its lack of convention.

To which one follower replied, “The OCD must run deep with that one (patron) . Personally I’m ripping this one off . My kids will dig it.”

Versatile, filling, affordable, and comforting, sandwiches in all shapes and forms are the hallmark of any happy childhood.

Such was the case with the late Queen Elizabeth II who enjoyed a particular type from her days as a girl and well into her reign as Queen of England. 

Former royal chef Darran McGrady, who worked for the late monarch for 15 years revealed that the Queen really enjoyed a simple two-ingredient sandwiches called “jam pennies”.

Posting on YouTube, he said, “The Queen was served jam pennies in the nursery as a little girl. She’s had them for afternoon tea ever since.”

McGrady described the timeless recipe as “just a little bread and jam with a little butter”.

It was also revealed by The Daily Meal that the Queen’s sandwiches were not allowed to have pointed ends so hers were actually cut into small circles.

With the advent of the “Duff Cut” it would be interesting to know what the late Queen would have to say about this radical new type of sandwich.



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