Elevate your home’s energy with these 6 Feng Shui techniques

Here are some tips you can use to Feng Shui your home for more positivity. Source: Getty

The ancient practice of Feng Shui focuses on transitioning the energy in your home to a positive and bright one. While we all clean our homes (some more regularly than others!) there is a wide range of things you could be doing to encourage positive energy and peace throughout your house.

We thought we’d give you some tips to help create a tranquil space and give your home some good vibes. So enjoy reading and tell us if you’ve ever practised feng shui in your home…

1. Declutter

To have peace and positive energy you need to clear out the negative. Remove clutter and unwanted items from your home. Once you have removed unnecessary items from your house you will feel invigorated and you can begin to appreciate the energy flowing throughout your house.

2. Clean your furniture and décor

Clean under items in your house from décor on shelves to underneath your furniture. By thoroughly cleaning your home and keeping it rid of dust and dirt it will not only look beautiful but you will be able to feel the cleanliness.

3. Bring the outdoors inside

Buy a beautiful Siamese fighting fish in a decorative bowl or place a bowl of water with floating candles as the centrepiece of your living room. Creating a focus point of water will radiate calmness and peace for the rest of the house. Use plants to bring life into your home. Even the smallest plant in the corner of a room will change the feel and create a luscious and positive vibe.

4. Welcome new ideas

Look through your bookshelves and see if you can donate or gift some to friends who might love them. Now you have room for fresh ideas to come into your life this season. Pick up a few fresh books that feel light, engaging and, of course, compelling.

5. Practice cash shui

Repurpose existing items and give them a new life. You and others will be able to feel the positive energy of life throughout your home whenever you can give something a second chance. This is also a wonderful chance for you to save money and declutter at the same time.

6. Create light in your home

Natural light enhances the energy of air. Air is critical to bringing your home to a place of peacefulness. By leveraging light throughout your home you will create an uplifting environment and a clear mindset. These are two highly important parts of having a peaceful home.

7. Use essential oils to create unique senses for different spaces.

Find essential oils that invigorate the right senses for each space. If you work in the study, use uplifting and clarifying sandalwood. If you wish to create a calming effect in the bedroom, use lavender. If you wish to have an invigorating and mood-lifting scent in the kitchen use citrus. Find what works for your moods and spaces.

Enjoy changing the energies in your home with these simple tips. The smallest changes make the biggest difference so enjoy what you can do with your home!



This article was originally published on April 2 and was updated on August 18 2023. 
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