Get the ultimate night’s rest with this mattress ‘designed for perfect support’

Sep 21, 2023
If you struggle to sleep at night, it could be time to upgrade your mattress. Here’s how you can get the perfect night’s rest. Source: Supplied

Are you sick of waking up tired after a night of tossing and turning on a mattress that just isn’t quite right?

We spend about a third of our lives in our beds, and without the right sleep environment, we’re depriving our bodies of the restorative process of sleep, revitalizing both our physical and mental well-being.

The good news is that the solution to this common problem may lie in a simple yet significant upgrade: a supportive mattress. 

Getting the right amount of sleep is so important, and thanks to leading sleep brand, Emma, the way to achieving a good night’s rest could just be the Emma Comfort mattress. 

The perfect support for all Aussie sleepers

Voted Product of the Year and recognised with the Choice Award 2023, the Comfort mattress was engineered by sleep experts – and it shows.

With a medium firmness level, its multiple foam layers adapt to your body and distribute your weight evenly no matter your sleeping position. 

Plus its inbuilt temperature-regulating technology keeps your body cool and dry – even on the hottest Aussie summer nights!

How is this achieved? 

  1. Comfort Cover: The white top is made from a climate control fibre that regulates humidity and keeps moisture away.
  2. Point Elastic Airgocell®: This ultra-comfy layer is point-elastic which allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest. If you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you won’t feel a thing. This layer is also moisture-wicking, working to keep your sleep nice and dry.
  3. Supportive HRX Foam: This supportive layer is made with special zoning technology for proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment. This innovative foam helps your mattress contour perfectly to your individual body shape. The open pores enhance breathability, so you sleep cool and fresh.
  4. Bottom Covers: This last layer ensures perfect air circulation for you to breathe easily all night long. It also features handles to make your set-up easy.

Emma really have thought of everything, because this mattress also has machine-washable covers, making it easy for you to maintain your new mattress. 

Excellent quality for budget prices

For most people, the cost of a new mattress often puts them off from upgrading when the time comes.

But with the Emma Comfort, you can rest assured you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Crafted with open-celled foam and designed to bring ultimate comfort and support, prices start at just $579 for a Single and go up to $859 for a King. 

Emma are so confident you’ll love their mattress, that they offer a risk-free trial of 100 nights – if you don’t like it, simply send it back for free! 

Starts at 60 readers can enjoy an extra 5% off the comfort mattress using the code COMEHOMETOCOMFORT at checkout. 

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