From dull to dazzling: The innovative hacks restoring ‘dingy’ white garments to their former glory

May 03, 2024
With these ingenious yet accessible methods, you can bid adieu to dingy whites and embrace a brighter, fresher wardrobe. Source: Getty Images.

In a world where your pristine white garments often fall victim to the tyranny of stains, two lifestyle experts have emerged as saviours, armed with innovative hacks to rescue our beloved garments.

Aussie home hack expert Chantel Mila Ibbotson and style guru Donny Galella have taken social media by storm recently, unveiling their sure-fire methods for brighter whites.

Ibbotson, renowned for her savvy household solutions, recently shared her DIY secret in a TikTok video for restoring white clothes to their former glory.

“Say goodbye to dingy whites,” she captioned the video, tantalising viewers with the promise of brightened garments.

Her method involves a simple yet powerful concoction: warm water, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, one cup of baking soda and an optional teaspoon of dish soap. By soaking clothes in this potent mix and washing as usual, Ibbotson assures followers of stain-lifting prowess and brighter whites.

“This method is my go-to for removing tough stains from white clothes and leaves them so bright,” she added.

@mama_mila_ Say goodbye to dingy whites 👋 📌 save this video for your next laundry day 🧺 this method is my go-to for removing tough stains from white clothes and leave them so bright 🤍 will you try this one? #stainremoval #laundryhacks #laundrytips #homehacks #hometips #homesweethome #cleaninghacks #tipsandtricks ♬ ESPRESSO x SAY SO by Adamusic – Adam Wright

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Enter Donny Galella, the style maven who’s captured hearts with his fashion flair and now, his laundry wizardry.

In a TikTok video, Galella, known for his fashion and style expertise, demonstrated how everyday household items can work wonders on those persistent makeup stains that often plague our favourite white shirts and blouses.

Galella begins the video by announcing, “If you want to remove incredibly stubborn makeup stains from white shirts or blouses, look no further than your dishwashing liquid.”

The first step involves generously applying dishwashing soap to the stained area. With enthusiasm, Galella instructs viewers, “Put a really good squirt on the stain and (using) lots of elbow grease, really work it into the fibres of the shirt, really massage it into the collar of the shirt, and you’ll see the stain lift right away.”

Next, he introduces fragrance-free baby wipes to further tackle the stubborn marks.

“I continue just to wipe the collar to collect the fibres of the shirt,” he said.

“Then I put them into the washing machine with a warm cycle.”

The results, according to Galella, are nothing short of astonishing.

“When they came out, I was pretty amazed with the results,” Galella said.

“They were pretty much almost as good as my mum’s washing.”

@donnygalella How to remove stubborn makeup marks such as bronzer & foundation off the collars of your white shirts #stylehacks #laundryhack #styletips #cleaninghacks #removemakeupstains ♬ original sound – Donny Galella- Stylist

With their ingenious yet accessible methods, Ibbotson and Galella have empowered countless individuals to bid adieu to dingy whites and embrace a brighter, fresher wardrobe.

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