New twist on 80s dessert favourite Viennetta has fans raving

Oct 21, 2021

Coles has really gone and done it, they’ve taken the most iconic dessert Australia has ever produced, and made it better. They’ve taken a classic and reworked it. They’ve put a fresh new flavour on an old favourite, but what dessert have they revamped?

Pavlova? No, that’s questionably a Kiwi dish anyway. Lamingtons? Sadly not, although they could be next. CWA Sponge? Don’t be silly, you can’t improve perfection.

It’s the humble Viennetta, and it’s been completely reimagined for a modern audience.

Source: @FoodFindsGeelong/Instagram

Supermarket giant Coles has taken their shot at recreating the classic, recently launching Vanilla Mini Vienna Sticks. These mini vienna sticks replicate a regular Viennetta ice cream, but miniaturised, and put on a stick for easy eating.

No messy cutting and serving.

No flakes of chocolatey goodness falling out of the middle, and melting onto the kitchen bench as you try to serve the vienetta.

Just grab the pack of Vanilla Mini Vienna Sticks from the freezer section at Coles for only $5, pop the box open and rip the wrapper off, then devour the creamy goodness, with all the convenience of a Paddle Pop, but all the nostalgia and deliciousness of the classic Viennetta.
Although Viennetta’s were originally British icecreams, becoming an instant hit across Australia upon release in 1982.

If you missed the craze, a Viennetta is a sure-fire hit at any dinner party. Viennetta’s are layered ice cream cakes, popularly sold by Streets ice cream, but remade by various companies all trying to capitalise on the iconic status held by the Viennetta.

Made by Walls (owned by Unilever) to be the ice cream version of a French millefeuille, and was created with the same ingredients as Cornetto’; a cost-saving measure that definitely paid off.

Thus, a culinary star was born. Now, that star has a convenient little mini.


What are your memories of the old Viennetta?

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