Doggy Dilemma: Should we be sharing the bed with our furry friends?

Jun 20, 2024
Do you make cuddling with your dog in bed a part of your nightly routine? Source: Getty Images.

In a heartfelt plea for guidance, a loving pet owner has turned to Gransnet, seeking the wisdom of fellow dog lovers regarding the age-old question: should dogs be allowed in the bed?

The concerned pet parent, who adores her canine companion, poured her heart out on the forum, saying, “I know I shouldn’t have when I got her last year but I did and now she’s a nearly 18-month-old who has more of the bed than me.”

“She has her three walks a day and I sometimes hire the freedom field so she has leash time,” they added.

“I talk to her and we play in the garden. She gives me her paw if she wants a treat and barks at the hoover still. She’s a strong girlie but tries to sit on my lap or across me and loves soft toy play time and I love her. She’s my friend.

“My friend said she shouldn’t be in the bed and I’m too close to her and she should be a dog, not spoken to like a human.

“I’m not the only one surely?”

Any concern about being the only one letting their furry friend into bed quickly drifted away, as an outpouring of responses flooded in, overwhelmingly in favour of sharing the sleeping quarters with our four-legged pals.

“We’ve had three dogs over the years, and the previous two were allowed up on the bed. While I don’t find any issue with it concerning hygiene or allergies, I admit they take up a lot of room for their size. One of our dogs grew a bit grumpy as she got older, complaining if we asked her to move. It really boils down to personal preference,” shared one user.

Another staunch supporter of canine co-sleeping declared, “My dogs sleep on my bed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t mind their ‘dog germs,’ and they don’t mind my ‘human germs.’ We engage in conversations; they’re remarkably communicative and an integral part of the family.”

Adding a different perspective, a user shared, “My dog sleeps on my bed, but not when I’m in it! He chooses to sleep on the floor at night. However, I would have no problem with him on the bed with me if he wanted to. He is my best friend.”

Reassuringly, another user chimed in, “No, you’re not the only one. Enjoy the love and joy she gives you. I never understand people who say they should be treated like a dog. She’s your family and your friend, and it’s right to treat her accordingly.”

So, to all the pet owners navigating the timeless debate of sharing the bed with their furry friends, worry not as the consensus is clear.

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