Bid farewell to linen cupboard chaos with this game-changing organisation hack

Jul 02, 2024
The unconventional approach struck a chord with those seeking both simplicity and affordability in their quest for a neat linen cupboard. Source: Getty Images.

Say goodbye to the days of chaotic linen cupboards and say hello to a revolutionary organisational hack that’s turning heads – and linens – everywhere.

Enter the world of stylist Sarah Teresinski, who, in a stroke of genius, has transformed a humble office essential into a linen storage game-changer.

Teresinski spilled the beans on her secret weapon via TikTok, and the star of the show? Magazine file holders. Yes, you heard it right – those unassuming desk companions are now the linchpin to tidying up your linen life.

But here’s the kicker – forget about shelling out big bucks for specially designed linen organisers and storage boxes. Teresinski revealed in her TikTok video, “They are something I see pretty much every time I go thrifting, you can score them for just a few bucks second hand and use them for organisation.”

“I see all kinds of interesting, expensive items that people are using to organise their sheets but you know what? These work great,” she added.

“I absolutely love it, you can do blankets, you can do pillowcases, you can do towels, you can do wash cloths, you can literally do your entire linen closet.”

In her video, Teresinski demonstrated the versatility of her ingenious solution, neatly corralling folded sheet sets into the magazine file holders. The once-messy linen cupboard quickly transformed into an organised haven.

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The TikTok video has sparked a tidal wave of admiration from users worldwide, with comments pouring in.

“What an excellent idea!” one person wrote.

“Love your work and creativity.”

“Great idea!” commented another.

“Love it! was trying to think how to organize sheets in a better way.”

“Oh my you have out done yourself. I run an Airbnb in half of my house. This is going to be a game changer.”

Teresinski’s unconventional approach has struck a chord with those seeking both simplicity and affordability in their quest for a pristine linen cupboard.

So, the next time you find yourself perusing the aisles of your local discount store, keep an eye out for those unassuming magazine file holders – they could be the linchpin to transforming your linen storage game.

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