Banish pests for good: The effortless cleaning tip to outsmart pesky pantry moths

Jun 10, 2024
The straight forward method garnered praise from those who are all too familiar with the frustration of pantry moths invading their homes. Source: Getty Images.

Are you tired of battling with persistent pantry moths that seem to have an insatiable appetite for your precious food supplies?

Well, fret no more! Home hack expert Anita Birges has come to the rescue with an ingenious solution that will have you saying goodbye to those pesky critters in no time.

“If you have EVER had a problem with pantry moths and weevils you need to see this!!” Birges began.

“Because I have the best CLEANING TIP to solve your pantry moth problem.”

Birges’ method is straightforward yet effective. After emptying out your pantry, discarding any contaminated items, and giving all surfaces a thorough clean, she highlights a commonly overlooked hiding spot for these bothersome moths — the holes where your shelf supports sit.

All you need is a drop of peppermint oil on a cotton bud. Simply insert the cotton bud into each hole and give them a good clean. Peppermint oil, being natural and non-toxic, not only cleans out the pantry moths but also acts as a deterrent, keeping them from coming back.

As an added tip Birges recommended that, “After you have cleaned out all the shelf support holes, you can cover them up with those little white circle stickers that you can find at Kmart, Officeworks or your local Newsagent.”

Birges’s method has garnered praise from those who are all too familiar with the frustration of pantry moths invading their homes.

“That looks easy .. let’s do it,” one wrote.

“We’ll give that a go for sure.”

Others shared their experiences and variations of using peppermint oil to combat pantry pests.

“The absolute best … been using peppermint oils for a few years now … I have it made up in a spray bottle and use it on all crevices to keep the pesky insects away,” one commented.

“Omg I needed to see this today…. We’ve had them for two weeks and I can’t seem to get rid of them!!!”

So, if you’re tired of battling pantry moths and want to reclaim your kitchen from these unwelcome invaders, give Birges’ simple cleaning tip a try. Say goodbye to pesky pantry moths and hello to a cleaner, moth-free pantry!

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