Amazing uses around the home for a simple pool toy

The pool noodle has so many uses, in and out of the water.

Pool noodles are great for young and old when having a relaxing time in the pool.

Did you know there were lots of other uses for them too, without you needing to get into the water.

You will often spot pool noodles in discount stores, or might even be lucky to snag a few marked down as the weather cools off, so keep these suggestions in mind.

You can even give older ones a purpose in life when they start to fade or lose their buoyancy.

Shoes in shape

Pool noodles can be cut down to various sizes and placed inside shoes and boots to maintain their shape. The pieces can be inserted into the shoe or have them sit in the top keeping higher length boots upright. The pool noodles are lightweight enough all you need is a pair of scissors to do the job of cutting them down to size.

Clean painting

If you have one of those painters trays that fit your paint brush rollers, you can use a pool noodle to hold your smaller brushes. Simply cut a length of a noodle to size and then cut again to the centre longways and wedge it onto one edge of the tray. Then cut ridges going downwards into the tray. Make the ridges big enough that you can stick the top of the paintbrush in them firmly to hold them while you are working on other things.

No heavy lifting

Save yourself filling up a bucket in the sink and having to lift it down to the ground. Instead, put one end of the noodle in the bucket on the ground and the other over the tap. Instant funnel and no sore back to deal with later.

Great protection

Pool noodles are great to prevent bumps where you don’t want them. Run one along the length of your garage where the car doors open, to stop them hitting against the walls. You can even use them on your doors inside the house, to prevent little fingers getting jammed when the grandkids come to visit. Another alternative is to put them on things you often walk into… such as bed frame or that piece of furniture that always gets in the way of your toes.

Hanging free

Noodles can also prevent that hard crease you get when you drape pants over a hanger. Putting the noodle over the top of the wire hangar frame fills out the space leaving a nice shape with no creases in your pants where you don’t want them.

Garden variety

Forget garden stakes. Pool noodles can add a lot more colour and life to your garden, and will do the same job on smaller plants. Make a cut along the length and place around the plant to hold it upright. Whatever you have leftover can be used in the base of pots as filler that will not only help keep pots with plants lighter, it will assist with drainage too.

Have you got another great use for the pool noodle?

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