How to keep your bar fridge full without breaking the bank

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One of the hallmarks of a happy retirement is a well-stocked bar fridge. But with the cost of living stubbornly high, keeping a healthy stock of your favourite tipple is becoming increasingly expensive.

To stay within budget, retirees are having to do some fancy footwork to buy their favourite beers, wines, and spirits from their local liquor stores or simply go teetotal.

For those who enjoy a sneaky libation and teetotalling is not an option, crafting their own home brewed alcohol could be just the solution.

Experienced home brewer, Bruce Levy, has crafted his beer since 1974. Starting as a hobby, he found that making his own beer translated into a delightful distraction and significant savings. Having mastered the art of brewing beer, he turned his attention to the more intricate and nuanced process of distilling spirits.

While Bruce started his brewing journey with the basics, he says modern-day brew kits include all you need to start home brewing and the high quality of the product results in a high-quality product.

Homemade beer

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Brewing your own homemade beer was never easier with this Brew Demon Craft Beer Kit. Great for beginners and costing just $208.49, this kit will yield one gallon of pilsner, stout, and pale ale.

Distinctive spirits

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Bruce admits that the distilling process is time-consuming but says crafting your own distinctive spirits promises moments of delight and occasional mishaps. Using his distilled spirit, he now creates various essences such as rum, whiskey and liqueurs. For just $158.99 aspiring distillers can do the same with this versatile Moonshine Still which distils 38 litres of raw material and can be used to make wine, whisky, beer, or brandy.

Wine to suit your palate

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This custom Brewsy Starter Kit for wine making will yield four bottles of red or white wine in nine days. For just $71.91, you can get creative using any type of juice to start the process and make unique wines that suit your palate.

Beer Brewing Logbook and Recipe Book

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This logbook will help seasoned or beginner brewers track every step to ensure the best tasting beer. Costing just $12.22 this is the secret to ongoing brewing success.

Don’t let the cost of living compromise your enjoyment. Embrace the world of home brewing and distilling today. Act now and turn your retirement into a celebration of savings and exceptional drinks.

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