7 astonishing ways bicarb soda can transform your home

Jul 05, 2023
Incorporate bicarb soda into your home and witness the extraordinary transformations for yourself. Source: Getty Images.

Transforming your home into a haven of freshness and rejuvenation doesn’t always require an expensive renovation or an army of cleaning products. Say hello to bicarb soda, the unassuming yet extraordinary powder that holds the power to transform your living space in ways you never imagined.

From banishing stubborn stains to revitalising dingy surfaces, and even deodorising the most odorous of spaces, the versatility of bicarb soda is nothing short of astonishing. So buckle up and prepare to discover the amazing ways this humble ingredient can turn your house into a sparkling oasis of cleanliness and freshness.

1. Deep clean your mattress

Melbourne mum Chantel Mila has built quite the Instagram following thanks to her handy cleaning ideas and recently told followers how to deep clean their mattresses using just bicarb soda and their favourite scent.

According to Mila, you should sprinkle half a cup of bicarbonate soda and four drops of the essential oil of your choice on your mattress, then leave it to sit for an hour. Once the hour is up, simply vacuum away the bicarb to reveal a clean, fresh-smelling mattress. Mila suggests using a restful essential oil like lavender, geranium or ylang ylang to create a sense of calm in your room.

2. Carpet cleaner

As a natural deodoriser, bicarb is great for refreshing carpets rather than harsh chemicals or expensive cleaners. Sprinkle bicarb soda across the carpet area that needs a clean, then put up your feet for an hour while it works its magic. Vacuum up the powder and your carpets will be looking and smelling like new.

3. Deodorise lounges and cushions

Just like your carpets, you can sprinkle a light dusting of bicarb (with a drop or two of essential oil if you desire) over your lounges and cushions. Leave it for an hour or so and vacuum it up for a fresh smelling, deodorised lounge room.

4. Get brighter, better smelling sheets

A helpful way to save money on laundry detergents and get whiter, softer and better smelling sheets is by combining vinegar, bicarb soda and a small amount of detergent in your daily loads. The vinegar acts as a fabric softener that won’t clog up your machine and the bicarb soda as a deodoriser. Best of all both help to lift those stains for brighter colours and whites.

5. Fix that stinky fridge

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid strong smells emanating from the fridge, especially if you’re storing seafood, vintage cheese or fermented goods. A simple solution is to place a cup of bicarb soda in the back of the fridge. It helps eliminate odours and keeps your fridge smelling fresh no matter what’s inside.

6. Clean stove tops and range-hood fans

The greasy build up on range-hood fans is quite frankly disgusting and also incredibly hard to clean. The simplest way is to unclip the filters and soak them in a sink full of hot soapy water. Once they have soaked on both sides, sprinkle them generously with bicarb soda. Leave the bicarb to bubble away for a few minutes before scrubbing the filters clean.

For the stovetop, simply sprinkle bicarb across the surface and spray with a bit of water, lemon juice, or vinegar. Leave to sit and soak before wiping away to reveal a clean, sparkling stovetop.

7. Drain un-clogger

Bathroom, kitchen or laundry sink a little clogged? Add a cup of bicarb soda to the drain and let it sit for an hour. Then, boil two cups of vinegar on the stove and pour it down the drain. Next, run the hot water to flush it all away and enjoy an odour free, clean sink once again.

Incorporate bicarb soda into your home and witness the extraordinary transformations for yourself. By embracing the magic of this humble household item you can breathe new life into your living spaces.

Your home will thank you, and you’ll be amazed at the powerful impact of this everyday ingredient.

This article was originally published on March 14, 2021 , and updated on July 5, 2023.



Do you use any of these cleaning hacks at home?

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