5 high-profile bloggers over-60 you should be following

Jul 23, 2022
Actress, activist and blogger: Jane Fonda is just one of the few mature bloggers taking over the internet. Source: Getty

Living your best life and inspiring people online doesn’t stop once you reach a certain age. From older, big-name influencers like Helen Ruth Elam aka “Baddie Winkle” and Iris Apel, to lesser-known online figures, the internet is no longer a space solely for the younger generation.

Over the past years, nearly every type of demographic and niche have carved its own little corner for itself online, and many older users have launched some truly fantastic blogs centred around everything and anything!

Whether you’re looking for some style inspiration, updates on technology or travel- if you have an interest in a certain topic, it’s likely there’s a senior out there blogging about it.

With that being said, here are Starts at 60‘s favourite bloggers who are living their best online selves and redefining perceptions of ageing.


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A post shared by Jane Fonda (@janefonda)

 Jane Fonda, the 84-year-old Grace and Frankie star, legendary activist, and celebrity blogger

Website: Janefonda.com

Many will know the iconic Jane Fonda from either her decades-long career as an actress or for her role as an outspoken activist, but many may not be aware that she also runs her own blog.

Jane started writing original content for her website back in 2009 when she was 71 after she announced her “exciting and a little scary” decision to become a blogger. The acclaimed actress still blogs to this day, albeit not as frequently, many of her articles cover interesting and thought-provoking topics and are an absolute delight to read.

From her Covid-19 routine to pop culture recommendations, Jane Fonda never fails to entertain and give fans an intimate look into her life.



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A post shared by Joan MacDonald (@trainwithjoan)

Joan MacDonald, the 73-year-old fitness and wellness influencer with an impressive social media following

Website: Trainwithjoanofficial.com

When people are confronted with health issues when they’re older, many might not think about starting an online presence to take control of their health, but that’s exactly what 73-year-old Joan MacDonald did.

Three years prior, Joan weighed over 200 pounds and was dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux. Now, she’s 60 pounds lighter and running a fitness blog to share her fitness journey in hopes she can inspire other seniors to live a healthy lifestyle.


 Linda Malys Yore, your local and luxury travel expert who only started blogging at 65

website: Lindaontherun.com

Who says travelling is only enjoyable when you’re young? Not 65-year-old Linda Malys Yore!

Linda runs a luxury travel blog called Linda on The Run and is one of the few travel bloggers who belong to the retirement age group. In 2019 alone, she travelled to 10 countries and highly encourages people her age to see as much of the world as possible, before it’s too late.

“I’m trying to teach people the things that my dad taught me: Life is short, and you gotta seize the moment,” she told Insider. “Don’t wait until you retire. Don’t wait for a better day.”



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A post shared by Debbie Corley (@embracingturning60)

 Debbie Corley, the lifestyle guru who started her first company at 60

website: Embracingturning60.com

If you’re looking for an older blogger who offers a range of topics on her site, then look no further than Debbie Corley’s blog Embracing turning 60. Debbie gives her readers a plethora of well-written blog posts covering topics from style, fitness, and makeup products.

When she’s not dishing out tips and tricks on her blog, she’s running her other business Tulis, a patent-pending bra insert “to help women feel supported and comfortable while working out,” which she founded at age 60.


 Karen Burns-Booth, the mature globe-trotting foodie blogger and recipe developer

Website: Lavenderandlovage.com

While the internet overflows with food blogs from every corner of the globe, Lavender and Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth give her audience a more mature perspective on food.

If you’re a fan of classic delights like macaroons to the more Millennial-inspired ‘avo on toast’ or if you fancy more international cuisine like coconut and spinach dahl, Karen has an abundance of recipes to share.

To top it off, she’s got a background as a recipe developer and food stylist, so it’s guaranteed that all the dishes on her blog are delicious and easy to follow.

If you’re looking for more mature online influencers, be sure to check out these 10 older Australian fashion bloggers to follow for great style insights.

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