The advantages of choosing grass-fed and raised beef

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It’s no secret that consuming beef is good for your health especially as you age. But not all beef is created equal, and it is especially important for seniors to be aware of the benefits of choosing lean, high quality grass-fed and finished beef over low quality grain-fed options.

As a rich source of protein, nutrients, iron, zinc and amino acids, beef protein can contribute significantly to the overall health of seniors by improving bone and muscle density, energy levels and weight management amongst other things.

But its important to note that quality matters and if you are going to be consuming red meat regularly, you should steer clear of low-quality beef that is processed, fatty, poorly handled or raised in a feedlot.

These may contain higher levels of saturated fats, added chemicals and preservatives, and even bacteria such as e-coli. Low quality beef may also come from sources that have negative environmental impacts.

The four benefits of eating high quality grass-fed and finished beef:

Improved nutrition: It’s considered healthier than grain-fed beef because it contains beneficial nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamin E which are all linked to reduced risks of heart disease, cancer and other chronic conditions.

Environmentally responsible: The production of grass-fed beef is seen as more environmentally friendly as cattle roam freely reducing carbon emissions and the need for chemical inputs. Grazing cattle also benefit soil health.  

Improved animal welfare: It is considered more humane that the cattle spend their lives in grassy pastures rather than feedlots which can cause stress and health issues.

Better taste & texture: Grass-fed beef with its stronger flavour and leaner composition is superior in taste and texture and normally favoured by chefs and other meat connoisseurs.

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