Robert De Niro says his autistic son changed overnight after vaccine

Hollywood favourite Robert De Niro has spoken for the first time about the cancellation of his controversial documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up To Catastrophe.

The doco was scheduled to air at the Tribecca Film Festival but was canned after it faced huge backlash from film-goers and industry heavy-weights.

The film looks at the alleged link between vaccinations and autism and is particularly close to the actor’s due to his 18-year-old son Elliot who has autism.

Robert’s wife says their son “changed overnight” after receiving his vaccination and quickly developed signs of autism. While the family has previously kept quiet on the issue, this new documentary proves it is an issue close to the actor’s heart.

Robert, 72, appeared on the Today Show in America where he insisted he is not anti-vaccination, but pro-safe vaccine. He said the cancellation of the movie was disappointing and wanted to find another way for people to see it.

“All I wanted is for the movie to be seen and people can make up their own judgement but you must see it,’ he said.

“Let’s find out the truth, let’s just find out the truth.

“There’s a lot of things that are not said. Nobody seems to want to address that, or they say they’ve addressed it and it’s a closed issue.

“But it doesn’t seem to be because there are many people who say they saw their kid change overnight.

“My wife says that (is what happened to my son). I don’t remember. But my child is autistic.

“I, as a parent, of a child who has autism, I’m concerned, I want to know the truth.’

There have been numerous claims over the years of a link between vaccinations and autism, but doctors are yet to prove there is a definitive connection.

He went on to say he thinks people are trying to “shut down” conversations about this potential link between the two.

“There’s more to this than meets the eye, believe me,” he warned.

“There’s something that people aren’t addressing. And for me to get so upset here, on the Today show, with you guys, means there’s something there.”

Robert is notoriously tight-lipped about his family and only revealed Elliot has autism last month.

Do you agree with the actor’s stance on this issue?

What do you think about Robert De Niro’s comments? Do you think there is a link between vaccinations and autism?

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