Renowned author, Kate Grenville, tells her grandmother’s story of life in the 1900’s in new Audible Original.

Jan 30, 2022
Always Greener is only available from Audible and is included in the Plus Catalogue.

If you have ever wondered what life was like back in the early 1900s, Always Greener by renowned Australian author Kate Grenville will give you some insight. Australian history doesn’t often dwell on this period and rarely reveals it from a woman’s point of view. Yet, their lives have shaped ours in more ways than we can imagine.

Narrated by the author herself, this three-hour-long Audible Original takes listeners on a journey into the life and times of Grenville’s smart and strong grandmother, Dolly. It’s a beautifully narrated tale that pays homage to Aussie womanhood and explores the trials and tribulations of their time. It’s engaging and deeply moving, and hearing Grenville tell her grandma’s story in her own words makes it extra special.

Always Greener is only available from Audible and is included in the Plus Catalogue – a selection of thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts that you can listen to all you want, included in your membership at no extra cost. It makes for a great story to listen to while you’re out on your daily walk or while your hands are busy with chores, but you want to keep your mind engaged.

A wonderful listen from award-winning author Kate Grenville

You’ll know award-winning Australian author Kate Grenville from her bestselling books, including The Booker Prize-shortlisted The Secret River, which is also available as a three-part audiobook series on Audible.

Grenville has perfected the knack of finding the voice of women lost in history. She is a true storyteller and does this in a wonderful way. Grenville created a beautiful picture of Elizabeth Macarthur in A Room Made of Leaves and she has woven the same magic again for her grandmother in Always Greener.

Much to admire

Dolly was born in the 1880s into a large farming family and an unforgiving patriarchal society where women were valued only for child-rearing and housekeeping.  Without labour-saving devices and with plenty of mouths to feed, it was work, work, work, followed by a tap on the shoulder by your husband at night.

Grenville really gets inside the head of Dolly, imagining her feelings through internal monologues when she makes some bitter discoveries about her life. It’s gripping listening as you follow her footsteps towards a new life. However, her story has much to enjoy and admire as she works her way through the struggles of the harsh realities of her life and finds success. You can’t help but feel inspired as you listen along.

She’s a survivor

Born in rural Australia, Grenville’s grandmother was a pioneer in a tough time and a product of her upbringing and environment. Dolly was part of the transition generation that saw the start of a new century along with the devasting hardships of the Great Depression, bankruptcy, and World War I. Yet, in a way, those disasters freed her. They allowed her to use her intelligence and ambition to make a space for herself in a man’s world.

New attitudes towards women were slowly developing, and this audiobook takes you on a journey of how that affects oneself. It’s incredibly insightful and Grenville does a beautiful job telling the tales in an honest and heartfelt way. As you listen to the tales, you’ll often find yourself wondering what life might have been like for your parents, or grandparents, or even great grandparents!

A story of grit and determination

As a small child, Grenville was brutally honest in her rejection when her grandmother asked if she loved her. There was no love, only fear.

Now, many years after her death, Grenville’s has a better understanding and appreciation of her grandmother’s life and celebrates her spirit and determination.  Always Greener is a must for anyone interested in Australian history, the development of women’s rights or just a heart-warming historical story told in a beautiful and moving narrative.

Easy listening

An unexpected bonus with this audiobook was the background soundtrack that adds depth to the listening experience. The clanging of the door or the sound of things thrown into the fire along with the soft-voiced Grenville really takes you on a journey and helps you fully immerse in the storyline.

At just over three hours long, Always Greener is the perfect snackable listen that you can easily fit into your daily routine. Whether you’re going on your daily walk, washing the dishes, or cooking up a storm, Audible makes it easy to keep your mind engaged and entertained while you get on with your day-to-day tasks.

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