Baby Boomer rocks ACDC in amazing video, leaving judges shocked

'Britain's Got Talent star Jenny Darren impressed Simon Cowell with an ACDC classic. Picture source:'sGotTalent

It takes a lot to impress Simon Cowell and his panel of experts on Britain’s Got Talent, but that’s exactly what one rocking grandma did.

On a recent episode of the hit TV show, 68-year-old Jenny Darren proved that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving dreams. As she walked on stage wearing a pair of glasses, a floral dress, a pink cardigan and her hair in a bun, it looked as though Darren was one of those women who audition for shows for a bit of a laugh.

She told Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams she was from the Cotswolds and that she was retired.

“Are you doing this because you think you can win the show?” a sceptical Cowell asked.

“Absolutely,” Darren replied. “Of course.”

She then proceeded to take off her cardigan and dress, much to the shock of the audience. She was actually wearing a rock outfit underneath, complete with leather boots, a tight leather skirt and a tight black blouse. She ripped out her bun as ACDC’s iconic ‘Highway to Hell’ began playing.

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With vocals to rival Brian Johnson, Darren began belting out her own rendition of the classic rock track. Cowell, who usually doesn’t get involved in performances too much, could be seen bopping along and even raising his hands in the air at one point during the performance.

The entire audience, including all four judges, gave Darren a standing ovation when she finished singing.

“She rocked their socks off,” host Declan ‘Dec’ Donnelly said as she made it through to the next round.

Judge Holden said Darren could rock, while Cowell thought the performance was going to be about knitting or poetry. He then said she was “bloody fantastic”.

In addition to being watched by millions across the United Kingdom, the official video has been viewed more than 1.35 million times on YouTube, meaning Darren could have quite the career ahead of her. Susan Boyle, who went on to sell millions of albums and sell out venues across the globe, got her start on Britain’s Got Talent.

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Viewers at home were quick to praise Darren and her performance on Facebook.

One person wrote: “Shouldn’t be such a shocker! 68 is NOT old! The Stones are older. And she came of age in the greatest decade of rock”.

Another fan said: “Really? People getting excited because a 68-year-old can rock? How patronising. It’s hardly unusual. Stevie Nicks for example is 70 thus year! Cher. Tina Turner”.

A third added: “Dayum! Four thumbs up for a talented lady not afraid to prove life ain’t over after 65. And a middle finger up to all those who think a female performer over 45 should fade away [sic]”.

What do you think? Are you surprised to see over-60s getting this sort of reaction on talent shows?

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