Best-selling author, Graeme Simsion is back with Creative Differences – a brand new, multi-cast audiobook.

Jan 16, 2022
Stephen Phillips and Edwina Wren are the voice actors in Creative Differences. Source: Audible

By Kerry Heaney

Here’s another smart, funny, and romantic audiobook from well-known Australian author Graeme Simsion, who also wrote the international best-seller The Rosie Project.

This multi-cast narrated audio drama novella, Creative Differences can be thoroughly enjoyed in just an easy three and a half hours. It’s the perfect bite-sized audiobook to listen to during a long drive or a plane flight and definitely helps turn ordinary chores into quite the adventure!

An expert in realistic dialogue, Simsion has perfectly captured the dynamics between the two main characters – Emily, an aspiring literary writer, and Scott, an aspiring screenwriter, who are two very different people that want to be together but struggle with the compromises involved in Creative Differences. This Audible Original is only available in the Plus Catalogue, so you won’t find this new work by Simsion anywhere else.

Intelligent, witty, and funny

Creative Differences comes alive with male and female narrators sharing their sides of the story. Intelligent, witty, and funny, yet full of heart-warming and thought-provoking moments, listening to the story is quite the performance.

Stacked with the same direct dialogue perfected in Simsion’s Rosie Project books, listeners will be hooked in this creative tug-of-war plot that will make you feel like you are watching a sexy rom-com.

Struggles abound in Creative Differences

Writing a book is not an easy task, but in Creative Differences, Scott and Emily do it so well the first time around they ended up crafting an international hit. With Scott’s punchy plot and Emily’s luminous prose, you’d think that they have found the perfect recipe for writing success… or have they?  As life gets in the way of this dynamic writing duo, there are some curly personal problems to sort out that puts a strain on their relationship.

As a writer myself, it’s uncommon to come across fiction that tackles the fun, frustrations, and details of the writing process. Listening to Simsion’s piece was refreshing, relatable and inspiring, and gives the listener some real insight into the work that goes on behind authorship. When I wasn’t laughing out loud, I was nodding emphatically with some of the details shared.

The world’s hottest literary couple

How does the relationship of the ‘world’s hottest literary couple’ evolve when each believes they’re the talent? It’s clear that there must be some compromises, but neither seems willing to give any ground.

Emily wants to be a literary writer, but she spends her days earning a living editing annual reports. Scott is a screenwriter with a very different background and has a strong belief in his creative methods. As a result, there is plenty of snappy and snippy couple dialogue to take your mind off your own problems while their relationship gets tested.

Will you be team Scott or team Emily? You hear all the ups and downs in this dance between the two characters that makes you wonder where it’s going to end.  As you listen along, it’s like sitting in a coffee shop and overhearing a heated conversation at the next table. You don’t want to witness to the train crash, but you can’t help yourself from eavesdropping as want to find out how it ends.

Of course, other characters add their own spins to the story, too. Their different voices add an exciting dimension to the work, and some are more likeable than others. Just like any movie, each character plays an essential role as the story weaves together.

Will they produce another masterpiece?

There’s a lot of pressure on Scott and Emily to produce another masterpiece and save their financial future. Simsion will keep you guessing as you won’t know whether they make it through until the very end!

I’m not going to give away any secrets, but there are so many twists and turns it would make a great movie.

Why listen to Audible?

One of the best parts of listening to an audiobook is the fact that they allow you to multi-task. As long as there’s a good audiobook playing, I can easily do my day-to-day chores and stay entertained. Thanks to audiobooks, mundane work has turned into sought-after opportunities to slip away into another world.

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