Who are baby boomers? Breaking free of stereotypes

As baby boomers, we are used to being stereotyped. We see the ads on the TV for life insurance and funeral insurance. We know that society views us as old and crippled for the most part, and often times we feel invisible. The media has forgotten about us, our children think we’re fuddy duddies and even our TV doesn’t even care what we want to watch.

To anyone under 30, the term “baby boomer” is a foreign concept. Gen X and Y aren’t really sure why another generation needs to exist as they know everything.

So I went to Google to see how the world sees us and I was shocked by what I found.

When you type in the phrase “Baby boomers are…” these are the results:

  • selfish
  • the worst generation ever
  • narcissistic
  • annoying
  • awful
  • stupid
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What about the phrase ‘Baby boomers should…”? The biggest result was:

  • die

And “Why do baby boomers…” came up with these top results:

  • hate millennials?
  • have hep c?
  • feel so entitled?
  • complain so much?

It’s sad to see that people are searching these terms and reinforcing tired stereotypes upon us. We are such a diverse generation and yes, some of us can be frail but the majority of baby boomers are active and loving life. We don’t hate millennials and we shouldn’t die. I believe we need to stand up and break out of the mould that our age group is put into constantly.

These Google searches just show the ignorance and lack of information surrounding baby boomers. I asked my nephew recently about how old he thought we should be when we die. He said anything older than 60 was pushing it and he was 10 years old. He gets this from the shows he watches and the other kids he speaks to. It makes me sad to think that over 60s are not treated with respect anymore and we are still pictured as withered old prunes in rocking chairs. 60 is not the end…it is just the beginning.


Tell us today, which is the biggest over 60s stereotype you’d like to break free of? Which of these Google searches shocked you the most? Who are baby boomers really? Share your thoughts below.