What’s your favourite smell?

Do you just love the smell of rain? How about when you walk pass the bakery and catch a whiff of

Do you just love the smell of rain? How about when you walk pass the bakery and catch a whiff of freshly baked bread? Mmm…yummy.

If you love these smells, you’re not alone. According to a survey involving 2,000 people, freshly-baked bread came out tops. In fact, it even beat the irresistible aroma of bacon, freshly-cut grass and coffee to be at the top of the list of 50 favourite smells.

The top 10 included cakes baking in the oven, the seaside, freshly laundered clothes, fish and chips and fresh flowers.

However, don’t be surprised as some stranger smells also made it to the list like log fires, fresh paint, petrol and matches.


1. Freshly baked bread
2. Bacon
3. Freshly cut grass
4. Coffee
5. Cakes baking in the oven
6. The seaside
7. Freshly washed clothes
8. A Sunday roast
9. Fish and chips
10. Fresh flowers
11. A real Christmas tree
12. Roses
13. Vanilla
14. Scented candles
15. Log fires
16. Lavender
17. Lemon
18. Chocolate
19. Barbeques
20. Cinnamon
21. Babies
22. New car
23. Orange
24. Freshly washed hair
25. Coconut
26. Freshly cleaned house
27. Leather
28. Rain
29. Aftershave
30. Christmas cake
31. New books
32. Lime
33. Doughnuts
34. Fresh paint
35. Bonfires
36. Petrol
37. Matches
38. Sun cream
39. Cotton
40. Shampoo
41. Cherry
42. New carpets
43. Marzipan
44. Musk
45. Popcorn
46. Furniture polish
47. Wine
48. New house
49. Cheese
50. Biscuit


What smell do you really like?

  1. Jeannie Bliss Foye  

    I love the smell of bergomot oil it really gives me a lift
    Used to go into the Body Shop who once had a spritzer if you catch my drift
    while shopping and feeling tired and low, would spray it on my hands and sniff deeply so
    It energised me and renewed my soul so I could refreshed on my way continue revived and go.

    love other perfumes or wearing it is true
    but still by bergomot to sniff and renew

  2. John Rolfe  

    Love the smell of Musk even the lollies we had as a kid remember them Musk Sticks.

  3. Anna Kudray  

    I love the smell of real carnations – not the ones they sell in the shops nowadays which have no perfume whatsoever. Hard to find the old ones anymore.

  4. Elizabeth Gardner  

    Rain on hot dry paddocks. And a red rose after rain! oh heaven

  5. Betty McMinn  

    My mother and grandmother drying mangoes to make Mango Pickle, in India in the 1940’s.

  6. Joyce Knobloch  

    All spring flowers – I now live in an area where they don’t grow well, and I still miss them from my childhood years – lily of the valley, jonquils,hyacinths, lilac …….

  7. Pauline De'Ath  

    Christmas lilies and jonquils.

  8. I just love the smell of coffee s you pass by a cafe. The smell of the sea as you walk along the beach. Freshly cut hay. Rain after a long dry break. Spring flowers. Roses from my garden. But coffee is definitely number 1

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