Ten natural solutions for a fly-free summer

Flies can be a pest in summer but there are some natural ways to prevent them.

Summer brings with it fresh seasonal fruit, trips to the beach, family barbecues and flies. The warm temperatures and wet, tropical conditions create the perfect conditions for flies to reproduce.

Bug spray and fly swatters work a treat when you are trying to get rid of flies that are already around the house. There are some great methods you can use to prevent flies, using natural ingredients that you may own already.

1. Vodka based repellent

In a spray bottle, simply mix one cup of vodka, a teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus oil and two teaspoons aloe vera juice. This mixture can be sprayed around windows, doors and problem areas to deter flies. You can also use this natural spray as an insect repellent on your skin.

2. Lemon stuffed with cloves

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As strange as this sounds it is actually a great way to make use of any old lemons you might have left over from cooking or making lemonade. Simply cut a lemon in half and poke 6-12 cloves into its flesh. Then place the lemons as a table centrepiece or around any problem areas.

3. Apple cider vinegar trap

Apple Cider Vinegar is famed for its health benefits but also works as a great fly deterrent for both indoors and outdoors. To make an apple cider vinegar trap you will need to fill a bowl three-quarters full with vinegar and add a small soap dish to keep the surface firm.

4. Herb repellent

There are a number of herbs that flies are averse to. You can plant these herbs outside your door, create herbal potpourri or place some in vases to deter flies. Some of these herbs include lavender, basil, mint, elderflower, tansy, lemongrass and rue.

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5. Lemongrass oil

Flies hate the smell of lemongrass, so by adding a 20-30 drops of lemongrass oil to some boiled water you can create an easy repellent that will also make your house smell amazing.

6. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper is hated by a number of garden pests including flies. Create a spray by mixing cayenne pepper and water in a spray bottle. You can also use this spray to eradicate beetles, leafhoppers and spittlebugs.

7. Malt vinegar

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When boiled, malt vinegar gives out a pungent aroma that flies can’t stand. Simply put the boiled mixture in a bowl and place in any problem areas.

8. Camphor or citronella 

Camphor and Citronella have long been known to have effective fly repelling properties. You can use citronella candles or place camphor sachets in areas where there are doors or windows.

9. Sugar water trap

This trap is a simple way to create a repellent from what you have at home. Use a wide mouthed jar and fill it 1/8 with water and sugar. Use any form of paper to create an upside-down cone and place this in the jar or glass. The flies make their way down the cone and drown in the mixture.

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10. Clear plastic bags with water

Simply use a large zip-lock bag or clear plastic bag and fill it up with water. It is believed that flies are confused by the refection of the water in the plastic bags and do not return. Hang these bags outside to stop flies from entering your house and garden.

What fly repelling method do you use at home? What do you think is the most effective?