How to peel a boiled egg without burning your fingers
By Starts at 60 WritersIn LifestyleOn Sunday 10th Sep, 2017

How to peel a boiled egg without burning your fingers

Forget scolding your fingers on those hot eggshells.

They say breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and for many, a hearty breakfast includes a perfectly boiled egg with crunchy toast and plenty of salt and pepper on top.

While a boiled egg is a simple and delicious way to start the day, peeling the buggers can a pain in the behind when they’re fresh out of a boiling pot and still throwing off steam.

Instead of having to sit by and patiently wait until they’ve cooled down, or worse yet, spend 10 minutes picking at the shell as it cracks into a thousand pieces, there is a far simpler way to get the job done.

A video published on Youtube by MicahMedia shows how to perfectly peel a boiled egg every time, without scolding your fingers.

The video shows a man putting the freshly boiled egg into a glass, topping it up with cold water and then violently shaking it up and down for a few seconds.

When he’s done the shell slips off in one piece leaving the perfectly peeled egg in the cup.

Check it out and tell us if you’ve ever tried this!

How do you like your eggs? Are you a runny or hard boiled egg kind of person?

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