The wonders of the concealer for over-60s

The concealer is an amazing product and there are so many ways it can be used as part of a

The concealer is an amazing product and there are so many ways it can be used as part of a makeup regime for over-60s. There are also many types of concealers from stick, cream and liquid, although liquid would be the best one for mature skin as it is not too thick.

Here are just some great things you can do with the concealer:

1. Look fresher
Concealer under the eyes can really lighten dark circles which can make anyone look tired even when they’re not. So taking care of your under eye can really make an impact on how fresh and younger you look.

2. Enhance your natural features
As we age, our nose tends “flatten” as the skin on our face including on our nose becomes thinner and over the years the tip of the nose “drops”. Our eyes also look a little sunken and brow bone flattens as well. This is when the concealer can help. Simply apply a thin layer of concealer along your nose bridge to give it a lift and you can do the same with the brow bone.

3. Even out skin tone
All those years in the sun and staying up late has probably caused our skin to be uneven at this stage. Areas like the corner of the mouth and forehead tend to be darker too. Simply dab some concealer to even out everything.

When it comes to mature skin, how do we ensure that the concealer will not look caky against our lines and wrinkles? According to Angie who posts beauty tutorials for mature skin on her channel Hot & Flashy, the trick is to moisturise properly before applying concealer. For extra protection, you can also use a moisturiser with sunblock like the Mismo New Age Moisturiser with Sunscreen which calms irritated and red skin, helps heal pimples, hydrates and plumps your complexion with hyaluronic acid and strengthens skin barrier.

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If you’re looking for a new liquid concealer, try MAC Pro Longwear Concealer:


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And although fingers are considered ideal when it comes to application, the beauty sponge could be a better option for those who want an even, light and smooth finish. You can find it at most chemists and department stores.

Watch this video to see how concealer can be applied on mature skin.

Do you use concealer?