The 10 best ways to disguise a pear shape!

We are all blessed with different body types and it always a good idea to know how to dress for your figure.  Today we are going to explore how best to dress the pear shaped figure.


How do you know if you have a pear shape?

A woman with a pear shaped figure is proportionately larger in the lower mid-section (hips to thighs) than they are in the upper torso (bust and shoulders). Pear shaped figures generally have the following characteristics:

  • curvy hips, thick thighs, and a full derriere!
  • small bust
  • narrow shoulders
  • a defined waist
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When you have a pear shaped figure you ideally want to make the top half of the body look bigger to help balance out the lower half.  There are some excellent tricks to do this – let us show you some of our favourite ways!


08102015 PEAR 1


Katies cold shoulder crochet trim top
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TS14 gabriella top
Katies extended sleeve kimono top
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Together embellished cardi
Millers pink stripe top
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1 De-emphasize the hip area

This is your overall goal.  Avoid bulk and choose dark colours to create a slimming effect.


2 Draw attention to the upper torso

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Choose garments that have detailing at the neckline and shoulders. This will draw the eye away from your lower half. A wide and interesting collar is terrific.

Accessories are also a great distraction. Go for a short statement necklace, wear some statement earrings and wear a scarf wide around the neck.


3 Choose tops to make your upper torso look wider

You want to widen your upper torso. Look for horizontal stripes, bold bright colours and larger prints. A boat neckline will create the illusion of broader shoulders. Bust enhancing necklines like the scoop, square or sweetheart neckline will also work well. If you are comfortable wearing strapless it too will be flattering – you can always pop a cardi over the top. Ensure that your top will skim and not cling to your hips. Breast pockets are always a good feature to look for when choosing a top. Garments with shoulder pads are very good for balancing out a pear shape – that’s why blazers are an excellent style to wear, especially double breasted blazers!

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4  Wear layers

To be honest, layering is your friend no matter what your figure type. Why it works especially well for the pear shape is that you will disguise the waistline and help even out the hips and thighs. Sleeveless vests are good.


09102015 PEAR 4

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Boho Bird fly me to kimono
TS14 tropicana print kimono
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5 Go for wider sleeves

Woo hoo! This season’s fashion is perfect for you! Look out for kimono styles and bell sleeves. The volume of fabric in wider sleeves will make your upper torso appear bigger, creating the illusion that your hips and thighs are smaller than they actually are. You can also create volume by rolling or scrunching up longer sleeves and by wearing 3/4 sleeves.


Choose the right pants

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The best pant styles for you are the straight leg or a pant which is slightly flared towards the hem.


08102015 PEAR 2


Phase Eight mariah floral skirt
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Katies printed maxi skirt with splits
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Sportscraft print skirt

7  Go for longer skirts

You want to draw the eyes away from your hip area. The shortest skirt you can wear will be just above the knee. Look for skirts with volume at the hem, like an a-line or circle skirt.  Skirts with a hemline border print or detailing are also ideal.

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08102015 PEAR 3


Globetrotter havana gucci dress
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 Metalicus bluebell short sleeve wrap dress
Anthea Crawford blue bouquet dress
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Katies off shoulder maxi dress

8  Wear a frock

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Dresses can be especially flattering for pear shapes. Choose a style that takes your focus to the neckline, has an interesting hemline and helps disguise your mid-section.
A-line frocks are flattering. Dresses with the shoulders covered – particularly structured shoulders are perfect. Avoid frocks that cling from the waist through to the knee
9  Choose the right shoes
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Shoes can also make a difference. Pointy toes will help elongate the legs, lessening the size of the hips. A small heel will always be flattering. Also shoes that draw attention away from your mid-section are good –  something with a bit of bling or a bright colour or pattern – will work in much the same way as jewellery draws the eye away.
10  Wear the correct undergarments
I know that I say this all the time, but it really makes a difference. Nothing will ever look good over poorly fitted undergarments. Full briefs and shapewear can work wonders for a pear shape!
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Do you have a pear shape?  What styles do you find work for you?