Homemade dress wins Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field

For the first time in a long time a homemade dress has won the prestigious Fashions on the Field at

For the first time in a long time a homemade dress has won the prestigious Fashions on the Field at the Melbourne Cup.

Twenty-six-year-old Olivia Moor took home first place in a dress her mother made for her! The gorgeous frock was beautiful red and white creation with a matching tartan hat, red shoes and red handbag.

In a bit of family coup, Olivia’s sister Charlotte took out second place wiht the two taking the podium together!

While sewing has become somewhat of a forgotten skill for the younger generation, it’s nice to see beautiful homemade pieces making their way into the spotlight again.

It used to be considered a ‘must-know’ for young women, but sewing has falling out of fashion of late, with many young girls having no idea how to even thread a needle.

Thanks to her mother’s wonderful effort though, Olivia will take home a prize pack including a $2500 shopping spree at Myer, four nights at the Sofitel Melbourne and tickets to Oaks Day.

She will also go through to the next and final round of the Fashion on the Fields, known as Ladies Day, where she will be competing for the first prize of a Lexus valued at $83,000 a $6,000 shopping spree, a $2,298 television, $1,600 luggage from Antler and a trophy.

No doubt Olivia will be treating her mother and her sister to some of her prizes and thanking her lucky stars her mother knows how to sew!

Are you a fan of this style? Do you know how to sew?

  1. Robyn  

    I made many dresses when I was young. A great talent to have and very creative. Designers know how to sew. It leads to a number of wonderful hobbies.

  2. Jo Carson  

    I/2 gloves?

  3. Disey  

    I made my own clothes when I was younger and then my children’s clothing, not everything, but quite a lot. I still sew and knit – I am 70.

    • I did the same Disey. They used to teach needle work in the later years of primary school. Cross stitch, blanket stitch etc etc and we hand embroidered tea towels, tray cloths, handkerchiefs etc and gave them to our parents & others for Christmas and birthdays. Secondary School taught us dressmaking. Like so many I learned on a Singer treadle machine. Knitting and crocheting came later .

  4. Robyn Steggles  

    All my 26 year old daughter wanted for her 21st birthday was a swing machine. She sews constantly and has just completed a stunning Glinda (from Wicked) dress for Halloween. I am so proud of her.

  5. guir  

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    • Merinda  

      Thanks for the tip. I have been looking for some work and will check out the address you have posted. Good to hear you have had success with it. Thanks. Merinda

  6. Lyn  

    Well so much for Alex Perry interview where it was intimated a home made wouldnt be good enough to win. Absolutely fabuous that she and her sister did. Alex,Perry i hope you feel like a goose. Not everyone needs to buy designer to look fanulous its unfortunate most of the top designers cant have the pole stuck the annus extracted.

    • Mary  

      Yes, couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how quickly they forget their humble beginnings!

    • Susan  

      I agree! And contrary to popular perception, there are many designers who cannot sew at all and even worse cannot make patterns either, and are a headache for industry patternmakers because often their pretty sketches cannot be made into a functional garment. Quality patternmaking with expert understanding of sewing and garment construction techniques is the heart of successful design. The world’s most legendary designers were expert sewers such as Balenciaga, Jean Muir, Jeanne Lanvin etc. Fabric stores disappeared one by one in my city when home computers came onto the market, and also cheap clothing imported from China swamped the market. Many women quit sewing and what little choice of fabric remains today still means that it can cost a lot more to make clothes than to buy them. However I STILL make mine because I get better quality fit and something unique. Sewing is creative and satisfying.

  7. Noela  

    I learned to sew on the old Singer treadle machine when I was 7, then I was given an Elna for my wedding present in 1969. I’m just about to upgrade to a brand new machine and start creating my own styles. Yay. I love homemade designs.

    • Alma  

      We are have been given 1970’s Elna Machine for our grandchildren the same as mine. These machines are so much better than new ‘plastic’ modern ones. Our daughter and her children sew just like I did

  8. Pamela  

    Lovely to see a tasteful, modest dress win.

    Showing flesh is gross!

  9. Sheila lakeman  

    She looked stunning, you don’t need to spend zillions of dollars on an outfit to look stunning.

  10. Lynne  

    How about Handmade not homemade! Beautiful dresses, well done Mum.

    • Eileen  

      Yes. Homemade and handmade do have different connotations.

  11. I was taught to sew by mother, as was my sister when we were young primary school girls. My mother taught herself to sew. Mum made clothes for us girls as kids and clothing for herself as well. Both my sister and I are proficient sewers- can adapt patterns and fit ourselves.We both made many garments for ourselves and our families. I find now that good fabrics are mire difficult to access and the cost of making a garment is out generally more expensive than purchasing one. For a special occasion, it is worth it.
    Unfortunately, I did not have any daughters and my two sons showed no interest in clothes making.My sons can thread needle, sew on buttons and fix hems if they so desired now.
    Perhaps I will be able to pass on some of these sewing skills, knitting and crochet if I am lucky enough to have grand – children.

  12. Gillian Woodstock  

    Beautiful outfit, I have made clothes for years and just bought a new sewing machine to do more. I have sewn since making dolls clothes in primary school. It comes in very useful to adjust bought clothes to fit well.

    • Sandra  

      I worked in fashion boutiques & the ladies who made a size 10 into a 12 sure could sew. I love the outfit which won best dressed, since when does it have to be a designer who is best, just because one has a certificate doesn’t mean much in my opinion. I doubt this Mother wants notoriety she did it for the love of her daughters and the pride given her in how stunning they looked. The prize is an added bonus. WOW.

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