Even out patchy, hyperpigmented skin with at-home products

Skin pigmentation
Have you noticed changes to your skin's colour?

The downside of growing up in a country known for its beaches, warm weather, and expansive sun-drenched land, is the harsh UV rays we’re exposed to from a young age.

Over the years, those rays can cause significant damage to our skin, which can lead to hyperpigmentation.

So, what’s the science behind it? Our bodies contain cells that produce melanin. These cells protect our skin from the sun, and when produced at a consistent rate, create an even, glowing skin tone.  If these cells are damaged or placed under stress, however, this can lead to the development of cute freckles or not-so-cute hyperpigmentation. It’s very similar to melasma, which you might have experienced during pregnancy or hormonal changes.

For those who have enjoyed a little too much time in the sun, more likely than not your body has produced an excessive amount of melanin in its time. The more sun damage you’ve received, the less evenly your melanin will disperse, resulting in patchy skin. 

But these tips can help you achieve a more radiant complexion, free from pigmentation.

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Stay covered

Hyperpigmentation is predominately caused by direct exposure to the sun, so to prevent any further damage to your cells – be sure to cover up each day with a quality SPF cream such as the Dermalogica Powerbright Trx Pure Light SPF50. Suitable for all skin types, it offers a medium-weight treatment that helps to regulate melanin production, while balancing uneven skin tone.

Exfoliate well

Though laser treatments and microdermabrasion are recommended for those with severe cases, there are effective face peels and exfoliation scrubs that help to clear up unwanted pigmentation at a fraction of the cost. A scrub with non-abrasive AHA or BHA’s exfoliants can help to remove darkened skin cells.

I recommend the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose exfoliator – a concentrated active treatment that effectively hydrates and treats skin pigmentation, sun damage and inflammation.

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Dose up on some Vitamin C 

One of the main benefits of Vitamin C is its ability to regenerate and repair body tissue, so it only makes sense that this special antioxidant can help with the fight against hyperpigmentation. Products such as the ASAP Super C Serum have been scientifically formulated to reduce signs of premature ageing caused by the sun, with daily use helping to improve skin clarity over time.

Serum away

There are a number of quality serums on the market that have been designed specifically to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation – making a great addition to your beauty regime. Try a two-part treatment such as the Simplicite Hyper-Pigmentation Serum Part A and Part B, which is  made up of natural plant extracts that help to brighten skin and leave it looking luminous.

Oil up 

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There’s nothing quite like enriching your skin with essential oils – look for products that use active ingredients and vitamins to target and reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles and uneven skin tones. The Jojoba Company Natural Pigmentation Oil will do the trick, and this one gets extra points because it’s chemical-free!

What issues have you had with your skin? Have you noticed sun damage?