Stop farting in public says Japanese island to tourists

Japanese people are often described as having “moderate”, “modest”, or “mild” personalities. As an island nation, they have appreciate the importance

Japanese people are often described as having “moderate”, “modest”, or “mild” personalities. As an island nation, they have appreciate the importance of cooperation with family, neighbours, friends, and colleagues. In fact, it is considered a virtue to fit in with others – even if it means restraining one’s personal desires. The Japanese etiquette is based on avoiding causing discomfort or nuisance to others, so when tourists in Hokkaido started burping, farting and talking so loudly in public with no care, they had to do something.

The Hokkaido Tourism Organization released a tourist brochure asking them to curb the bad behaviour. According to the brochure, other unacceptable behaviours noticed from visitors also included littering, queue-cutting and soiling public toilets.


An original version of the guide was printed only in Chinese and released August last year, but was criticised for being condescending. So the tourism board revised its tone in the new version with cartoons and soft colours which was published both English and Chinese.

According to The Japan Times, hotels in Sapporo, Hokkaido’s capital, said they were reluctant to host visitors from China, because there have been cases where they were rowdy and dirtied rooms.

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan and welcomes millions of visitors each year.

Hokkaido welcomes millions of visitors each year to its hot springs and ski resorts and China tops the list of highest number of tourists in Japan at 498,900, followed by Korea (490,800), Taiwan (349,000), and Hong Kong (151,800). Ever year, approximately 35,900 Australians visit Japan.

What do you think of the move by the tourism organisation? Have you witnessed bad tourist behaviours yourself?

  1. Some sixty years ago, I think it was in Frace, when visiting a museum there were signs on the wall, reading “please behave your self” in Dutch, why in Dutch of all languages?

  2. Robert Haile  

    All people fart and it is unhealthy to hold it in. Suggestion: sit on the edge of a bench, and pull one cheek to the side releasing gas silently, then move quickly away, or you could travel to Russia where releasing gas is a compliment.

  3. Mary  

    How can I be ‘posting comments too quickly’ when I rarely do?

  4. Mary  

    I have been told that twice today. If I go to the trouble to write a comment, you could , at least, have the courtesy to read it and decide whether it’s worth publishing. It’s like having a door slammed in my face.

    • Henry  

      It’s their system that has a quirk in it. They haven’t fixed it yet. It’s not your fault Mary.

  5. Henry  

    Is this story a to promote the forthcoming Japanese invention of fart-smell absorption underwear?

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