Here's why being a narcissist is a good thing

Somewhere throughout the ages being a “narcissist” became a bad thing. It’s hard to understand way. It’s a natural instinct to look out for “number one” especially in a fight or flight standing. Maybe it’s because as well as becoming a bag thing, it also got misconstrued as meaning that you can’t care about anyone else other than yourself. That’s not true. You can love yourself and others, but at the end of the day, you can only control yourself, so it only makes sense to have a little more respect for the vessel that you drive.

What’s wrong with being selfish?

Is it selfish to want the best for your family? No. Then when did it become selfish to want the best for yourself? Aren’t you part of that family? There is a big difference between being selfish and self-centered. If you only care about yourself at the expense of others then that’s bad, but if you are proud of yourself, confident in yourself and your choices then why should that ever be labelled as a bad thing? It’s silly. It’s right up there with it being ridiculous that some people call someone “Einstein” after doing something saying something smart. Shouldn’t we want to be that?

The leader and the rock.

When you have confidence and faith in yourself, you are a natural leader. People will come to you for advice because you are in a position of admiration. Obviously, there are those that would abuse this and that is probably where the negative association with the word came from. However, if you are genuinely trying to help others, then it should be a virtue and not something to be ashamed of.

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You know what you want and go after it.

Who considers this a bad trait to have? If you know what you want and work for it, that should be something that everyone wants. If you had no confidence in what you wanted out of life, think of the time that you would have wasted second guessing yourself. You have it right by knowing what you want and going for it. If you learn some things you want to do differently along the way than you are confident in adjusting to that.

At the end of the day those who are more confident in themselves, who love themselves, and are proud of themselves are going to be some of the more giving and supportive people. It would be selfish if you weren’t selfish. Don’t think about that line too much as it could cause a headache.

What do you think? Is it good to be a bit of a narcissist or did it become a “bad thing” for a reason?