Life hack: Remove glass from your hand or foot easily

Dropping glass then stepping on it has so be one of the worst feelings. Not only does it hurt, but

Dropping glass then stepping on it has so be one of the worst feelings. Not only does it hurt, but it can be very difficult to remove.

You could grab the tweezers but if the little piece of glass is stuck in there, you’ll need a bit more to get it out.

To do this, you’ll simply need baking soda and a little water.

Work the baking soda and water into a paste and then apply to the wound. Place a bandage or bandaid on the area, then the next day remove it.

The glass should be sticking out of the skin.

This method also works for splinters.

If you need quicker removal, try soaking your affected area in vinegar for 30 minutes and see if it makes the splinter or glass rise to the skin.

Do you have any other tips to share?

  1. interesting ! I have had a piece of glass embedded in my foot for over 40 was in too deep and the skin just grew back over it I asked the Doc about removing it one time He reckoned it would do more damage removing it than leaving it.

  2. R. Robinson  

    I was led to believe that unretracted glass / pins or needles – can travel throughout the body
    over time – a potential danger.

    • Beverley  

      My own mother used to say that, and said that some Hollywood female star had died from that very thing. But I don’t believe it. Though maybe it’s true – – –

  3. Beverley Ling  

    I had a long splinter of glass embedded in my foot as a child(many moons ago) and my father removed it with a hot bread poltice. It had been in for about two weeks.

  4. Robyn Bell  

    Magnoplasm has always been a staple item in my family’s first aid kits. Overnight, it painlessly draws out foreign objects (splinters) and is also used to get rid of whitlows, boils & carbuncles. Am currently using it to soften an underfoot, plantar wart, to aid in its extraction. Good stuff.

  5. Noah  

    If you have a splinter or glass in your foot or hand take a very hot shower. If that doesn’t work get a glass cup fill it with hot boiling water then put the foot or hand on the cup and wait a while.

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