Joan Collins channels Cleopatra in hot outfit

Joan Collins.
Joan Collins at the photocall for the movie "The Time of Their Lives" at the 67th Festival de Cannes in 2014.

Joan Collins hasn’t always had the best relationship with her son Alexander Newley.

Her second child, to her second husband Anthony Newley, Alexander (born Sacha) told media in 2015 that while he loved her he felt abandoned by her as a child.

He’d even written a memoir titled Hollywood Child, talking about how he was raised by the nanny because Collins was overwhelmed by being a mother.

Collins has been busy filming season four of The Royals with Elizabeth Hurley, where she plays a sassy mother, so maybe it’s brought out some motherly instincts.

The 84-year-old posted this photo of herself with Alexander on Twitter, describing how proud she was of her artist son.

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Looking superbly glamorous in a Cleopatra inspired gown, she showed off a shoulder and lots of bling.

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But then Collins would look glamorous in anything, wouldn’t she?

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Even a bathrobe. And bathrobe it was, recently filmed on a break from filming Hurley.

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Hurley has said her take on her role as Queen Helena in the series was inspired by Collin and her role in Dynasty. 

“She was the best villain on television,” Liz Hurley said, reported Daily Mail UK.

What has been your favourite role by Joan Collins?