Here's to having a go: Does this beer represent the Aussie spirit?

It’s one of the quintessential parts of Australian culture: beer and our love of drinking it.

One brewery company that has been around for yonks is Toohey’s and their most recent ad campaign captures the brand’s evolution from its inception in 1869 to a modern brand for today’s beer drinker, hoping to resonate with Tooheys drinkers both young and old.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a home cooked meal in the backyard, spending time with friends and family on the weekend or doing a bit of DIY with your mates, celebrating life’s little achievements with a Tooheys is a moment that has transcended generations. We are proud to show our drinkers that Tooheys has always been there to celebrate the quintessential Aussie spirit, and it always will be,” Tanya Marler, brand director at Lion, who worked on the ad, told Mumbrella.

As you will see in the ad below, it highlights how something we know and love can evolve over time, I guess you could say… like a fine wine (except a beer).

It goes from the modern Aussie backyard, to the 70s, to the 50s, to the 20s, and then to the late 1800s when the Tooheys Brothers first opened their Darling Brewery. In each scene, the beer is what brings people together.

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We want to know what you think of the ‘Here’s to having a go’ commercial and tell us, is beer drinking part of the Aussie spirit? Does it make you reminisce? Or is this another way marketing cleverly tugs on our heart strings to make us buy more?

Share your thoughts below.