Dancing the night away: 8 dance styles for over 60s


Some go walking, jogging or do aqua aerobics, but did you know that dancing has been proven by Swedish scientists to significantly improve your heart health and create positive effects on mood including reducing anxiety, decreasing risk of depression and increasing positivity? If you don’t know where to start or haven’t danced for years, what better time than now? Your body will thank you!

Luckily, there are so many different types of dancing available to over 60s that will have you feeling healthier, being happier and making new friends in no time.

We have found 8 types of dancing that every over 60 should try. Go with where your heart takes you and get active!


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Ballet is a gentle but beneficial type of dancing. By isolating muscle groups, it works to improve strength and flexibility. Classical or contemporary ballet are generally practiced to classical music, so if you enjoy the music, there is a good chance you will enjoy the dancing. Dance schools like the Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide offer beginner level ballet classes, taught by a professional instructor for a small fee.



Jazz dancing encompasses a broad range of dance styles. Jazz is all about feeling a rhythm and is often practiced to modern, pop music. It is upbeat, uses the entire body, has both basic and complex moves and is great for cardiovascular health. Dance schools such as The Sydney Dance Company have classes for “absolute beginners” so if you’re less confident in your ability, you can give the basic steps a go.

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Latin dancing is a somewhat intimate style performed with a partner. It comes from Latin America and incorporates whole body movement using a combination of isolated and synchronised moves. The style of music varies but it is great for a fun and enjoyable type of exercise. There are studios all over Australia that offers free introductory classes including the Brisbane Dance Studio.



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Ballroom dancing is a type of partner dancing traditionally done with many couples performing at once. It encompasses traditional dances such as the Foxtrot, Cha-Cha and Waltz. It is wonderful for coordination and balance. There are many places that offer ballroom dancing across Australia and it is a style of dancing often enjoyed by over 60s, meaning you can find likeminded friends. The International Dance Studio in Canberra offers classes and entire programs for adult ballroom beginners.



Zumba dancing is a fusion of aerobics and dance. Performed to upbeat music in large classes, it is designed to be a whole body workout using dance-based movements to focus on different muscle groups and give you an intense cardio workout. Zumba classes are everywhere and to find a certified class, head to the Zumba website.


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Square dancing

It’s one of the more energetic types of dance but square dancing is also enjoyable and addictive! Square Dance Australia can help you find your nearest square dancing group and they cater for beginners to advanced. Their catchphrase is “fun and friendship set to music”, so it’s sure to suit everyone! Visit Square Dance Australia‘s website for locations!


No Lights, No Lycra

This innovative new dance concept for dance lovers of any age has been around for the last few years in Australia and has just begun to take off overseas. The idea is to get a group of friends and dance to your hearts’ content in a dark room – a great way to get fit and be social. No one can see you so there’s no need to worry about your wobbly bits – simply get on the floor and boogie! You can see where the next event is held in your city here

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Hip hop

It might seem like a dance style suited for the younger generation but you’d be surprised: New Zealand’s oldest dance group Hip Op-eration have been going great guns lately and have been confirmed in the Guinness World Records book thanks to their crew of 23 dancers aged 67-95! If they aren’t too old, neither are you! Fusion Dance Studio in Melbourne caters for beginners.


All of these dance styles are so much fun with so many benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health. Try each one at least once to find your style and get in to your own groove.

Have you tried dancing before? What styles did you try and did you enjoy them? Tell us about your dance experiences in the comments below…